Okay, first up, let's get some winners out of the way, shall we?

The winners of our Bob Newhart Contest are:

Kris Kaminski of New York
Thomas Sims of Saskatchewan
Debi Welbon of Florida
Roberta Williams of Missouri
Marymargaret Worley of Pennsylvania

And the winner who admits she's not David Bowie, but now can comfort herself with free swag, is:

Sharon Davis of Colorado.

And finally, here's some news. I've gotten a lot of e-mail from folks outside the U.S. about how we don't have any contests for them. Well, there's a few reasons for that. One, we're normally limited to where the people providing the prizes want the prizes to go. A PR firm in the U.S. isn't funded usually, for example, to pitch something to Thailand. As far as the Mystery Box goes, we're paranoid about sending the wrong thing to the wrong country, and it costs an arm and a freaking leg to send things across borders.

But regardless, because we have so many international readers and we want to show you the love....this month only--and against our better judgement--we're opening up the Mystery Box to everybody who's not in the U.S. So American whackos, step aside for one month--you can find out the mystery on your own whenever you want--and let your fellow whackos from around the world have a go.

So that's it. Go do that thing.