The Friday Timesuck

Let’s see: what do we have for you today? What the hell happened this week? I think I had some blackouts. Okay.

A wealth of caffeinated information is here, Dindrane talks about languages that are endangered, a behind-the-scenes look at, a kickass goth-y animated bit, crocodiles are crazy deadly on the inside too, it seems, badass dystopian kaiju artwork, a lovely gallery of arcade tokens, photography with balloons, “It Plays Doom”, the terror of Gospel Mime (a new Marvel villain), the kickass shirtery known as Threadless, what happens when artists can’t spell, monks go digital, crystal balls could kill your ass, Canadian kids save a kitten, and there’s a kickass trailer for a new Southern zombie comedy.

On Red Nose, there’s the new theory of Intelligent Falling, the very wrong short about easy baby purchasing, a handy tool that outlines just how much your life can/will/is suck(ing), and what to wear if you never want a girl to talk to you.

And on One Tusk, there’s something new. It’s called Something Odd.

That’s it. Now catch up already.

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