Marvel Babies

If you ever needed proof that Marvel has downgraded from their previous moniker of "The House of Ideas," then this is it. Jeff Lange over at Jim Hill Media went into the sanity-testing hell that is the 2006 Licensing Show and survived. He also brought back pictures. And Baby Hulk isn't the worst of it. Click to see more.

Forget "The Baby Stooges" which appear on that page...Marvel has decided to go the way of Muppet Babies and bring you Marvel Babies.

The questions that arise from such a dumbass idea are fairly limitless: will Baby Wolvie have claws that pop from his hands? Or will they be spoons? Will Baby Hulk have a mental crisis and spawn Baby Grey Hulk? Will Baby Gwen Stacy fall out of a crib, man, that's not right. That's just not right.

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