Starbucks: Today Stores, Tomorrow Vending Machines, Then… Implants!

Starbucks vending machine

Well, if you know any Starbucks conspiracy believers, you might want to give them a nice hug before you tell them about this. Because the coffee equivalent of Skynet is going to start selling their stuff out of vending machines:

Unlike any other coffee vending experiences in the market, the Starbucks vending platform utilizes proprietary heat-on-demand technology, developed by PepsiCo, which will offer customers yet another convenient way to enjoy Starbucks on-the-go.

Hell, you can sell everything else out of vending machines: anything from iPods to acne medication. So why not?

Found via Energy Fiend.

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  1. coffee vending machines May 1, 2009 at 11:51 am

    Then they’ll try to take over the world?

    I already saw one of their new machines during a visit to the states. It really is nice..

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