The Phantom 17: Invisible Children Part I Now Available for Preorder

First Issue of Moonstone Books’ Phantom Arc Benefiting Featured In Latest Diamond Previews Magazine

As previously announced, Moonstone Books is donating proceeds from the “B” covers for Phantom 17-19 to benefit the victims of the Ugandan Civil War. Readers can help simply by pre-ordering the “B” cover through their local comic book retailer or online comic vendor by providing them with the following Diamond Comics Order Codes:

#17 cover “A” – APR073868
#17 cover “B” – APR073866

You can view the covers for The Phantom #17 at the following links:

Cover A by Marat Mychaels and Adelso Corona

Cover B by Darryl Banks and Terry Austin

Issues 18 and 19 will continue this drive to generate donations for the Invisible Children. Order codes for the B covers of issues 18 and 19 will be announced as soon as they become available.

About this conflict:

For the last decade, a Ugandan Warlord has fought his self-proclaimed Holy War on the backs of children he’s stolen from their homes in the middle of the night. After an intense indoctrination of physical, mental and spiritual torture, these children are taught to fight in his name against their own families and peoples. An unimaginable number of children have died for him, while countless more will live out their lives scarred and disfigured, bearing mortal wounds on their souls that will never heal.

Banding together to offer food, shelter, clothing, healthcare and a better life to the children who have managed to escape this madman, are three westerners who created These men have raised awareness of the plight of these children internationally, through independent films, appearances on television such as The Oprah Winfrey Show and various guerilla-marketing campaigns, but still so much more needs to be done.

To bring this tale to life in the pages of The Phantom, legendary artists Darryl Banks and Terry Austin who’ve created a series of “B” covers to adorn each issue have joined writer Mike Bullock. For every “B” cover purchased, Moonstone Books has pledged to make a donation to on behalf of those hurt by this tragedy. Industry vet and fan favorite artist Marat Mychaels has crafted the A covers while interior art will be handled by regular series artists Silvestre Szilagyi and Bob Pedroza.

“This may very well be the most important comic story I’ve ever written,” states Bullock. “I cannot over stress how important it is for all of you to pre-order these issues from your comic retailer.”

“This book looks as good as anything coming out of the Big Two, and it reads better than most of it..” – Comixtreme

“The Phantom may be decades old but his stories continue to be fresh, relevant and exciting.” – Broken Frontier

Now available for pre-order, The Phantom: Invisible Children part 1 (of 3), will continue the tradition of making a difference in the world begun over seventy years ago by The Phantom creator Lee Falk.

For more information on The Invisible Children or to make a donation directly to the organization, surf over to

More information regarding Moonstone Books, The Phantom and Moonstone’s other properties, projects and staff can be found at

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