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Manhattan Melodrama ~ Evelyn Prentice ~ Double Wedding ~ I Love You Again ~ Love Crazy


BURBANK, Calif., April 30, 2007 – Following the enormous success of 2005’s The Thin Man Collection, Warner Home Video and Turner Classic Movies join forces to highlight the great motion picture chemistry of Myrna Loy and William Powell with the August 7th DVD debut of five M-G-M classics: Manhattan Melodrama, Evelyn Prentice, Double Wedding, I Love You Again and Love Crazy. Extras include vintage shorts, classic cartoons and a radio show broadcast for Love Crazy. The films will be available only as a collection in a collectible digi-pak gift set and will sell for $49.92 SRP.

In just two years, The Thin Man Collection, featuring Powell and Loy’s star turns as Nick and Nora Charles, has sold nearly a million and a half units domestically and has become Warner Home Video’s # 1 selling classic series, surpassing previous record-holder, the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers titles.

Both Myrna Loy and William Powell had dozens of screen successes opposite other Hollywood immortals but it was the pairing of the two together that brought style, wit and warmth to the screen, created box-office magic and endeared them to generations of moviegoers.

Accompanying the new Loy and Powell teamings will be the first national release of all The Thin Man titles individually. After the Thin Man, Shadow of a Thin Man, Song of the Thin Man, The Thin Man Goes Home and Another Thin Man will also be available for $14.98 SRP.

About the Stars

1934’s Manhattan Melodrama marked the first time Powell and Loy starred together. The two went on to make a total of 14 movies and become one of the most popular screen teams in Hollywood history.

William Powell began his acting career on Broadway in 1912, ten years before moving to Hollywood to appear in scores of small parts in silent films. Unlike many silent screen actors, he had a fine voice and stage training, both of which resulted in his smooth transition to “talkies.” His Oscar®-nominated portrayal of detective Philo Vance in The Canary Murder Case made him a star in 1929, and five years later he became truly famous as detective Nick Charles in The Thin Man. The sparkling film which featured the irresistible Powell/Loy chemistry as husband and wife sleuths who solved murders with the aid of their wire-haired terrier, Asta, spawned a successful series of six Thin Man films.

After The Thin Man, Powell starred in The Great Ziegfeld, 1936’s Best Picture Oscar winner (also available on DVD from WHV) and that year received his second Academy Award® nomination for My Man Godfrey. Powell and Loy also reunited the same year for another teaming, along with Spencer Tracy and Jean Harlow in the classic comedy “Libeled Lady” (also available on DVD from WHV). William Powell’s third Oscar nomination came for Life with Father (1947) and his last film role was one of his best, the beloved “Doc” in Mister Roberts (1955 – also available on DVD from WHV).

Myrna Loy, who began acting at the age of 15 when she appeared in local stage productions to help support her family, also had to wait until The Thin Man to earn screen legend status. She moved from stage to screen with the help of Mrs. Rudolph Valentino, who spotted her in a play at a Hollywood theatre. Like Powell, she made a successful transition into the sound era but was continually typecast as a vamp until she finally landed two plum roles in the MGM films, The Prizefighter and the Lady (1933) followed by The Thin Man. Among her many memorable roles was that of Frederic March’s wife in 1946’s Best Picture Oscar winner, The Best Years of Our Lives.

About The Titles

Manhattan Melodrama (1934)

William Powell and Myrna Loy unveil their unique sparkle and rapport, sharing the screen in the first of their 14 non-cameo features. Rugged Clark Gable, in his only movie with urbane Powell, has first billing in this famed Oscar® winning (for Best Original Story) delight about childhood friends who end up on opposite sides of the law…and in love with the same woman. Gable’s character is a big-time gangster, and Powell a D.A. vying for Governorship. Adding to the cachet is the fact that real-life gangster (and reputed big-time Myrna Loy fan) John Dillinger was gunned down as he left a Chicago theater after seeing this movie.

Special Features:

· Comedy short Goofy Movies #2
· Classic cartoon The Old Pioneer
· Theatrical trailer
· Subtitles: English & Français (feature film only)

Evelyn Prentice (1934)

Myrna Loy, known for her portrayals of the perfect wife, is all too fallible as Evelyn Prentice, starring with William Powell in their first film together after the phenomenal success of The Thin Man. This heady courtroom melodrama boasts a slick murder-mystery plot, New York-minute pacing and the screen debut of someone soon to join Powell and Loy in the pantheon of Hollywood stardom: Rosalind Russell.

Nancy Harrison (Russell) stands trial for the murder of her lover. Prominent defense attorney John Prentice (Powell) has one chance to save her from the chair: find the unknown society woman who shared the womanizing victim’s attentions…and may have pulled the trigger herself. What the workaholic attorney doesn’t know is that the woman he’s hunting is his own neglected wife (Loy).

Special Features:
· Comedy short Goofy Movies #3
· Classic cartoon Discontented Canary
· Theatrical trailer
· Subtitles: English & Français (feature film only)

Double Wedding (1937)

Domineering big sister Margit Agnew likes to be in total control, even over her sister Irene’s love life. Having planned all the details of Irene’s wedding to milquetoast fiancé Waldo, she is appalled to learn that Irene has plans of her own, which don’t include marrying Waldo. Instead, Irene’s intentions are to wed beret-wearing bohemian Charlie Lodge, who lives in a trailer and cares nothing about money. Can Margit save her sister from an altered state? Well, since Myrna Loy plays Margit and William Powell plays Charlie, film fans just might guess who ends up bride and groom.

Special Features:
· Musical short Dancing on the Ceiling
· Classic cartoon The Hound and the Rabbit
· Theatrical trailer
· Subtitles: English & Français (feature film only)

I Love You Again (1940)

W.S. Van Dyke II, director of four of the six Thin Man films, helms the capricious fun in this romantic comedy. Boring, prosperous Larry Wilson (Powell) receives a blow to the head while he’s on a cruise, and totally forgets who he is. When he comes to, he realizes he’s really con man George Carey, who’s been suffering from amnesia for nine years. Not one to pass up a swindle, Carey decides to continue to pose as the wealthy Wilson, clean out his bank account and skip town. Along the way, he’ll need to use his sly charm on his wife Kay (Loy), who’s tired of the staid Larry she’s been living with and wants a divorce. Complications ensue, of course, especially when Kay begins to warm to this new side of her old spouse. And, not surprisingly, the two find that love may indeed be better the second time around.

Special Features:
· Crime Doesn’t Pay Series short Jackpot
· Classic cartoon Tom Turkey and His Harmonica Humdingers
· Theatrical trailer
· Subtitles: English & Français (feature film only)

Love Crazy (1941)

Myrna Loy joins Powell for a certifiably loony romp that showcases both stars at their madcap best. They play Susan and Steve Ireland, a happily married couple who let a series of complications during their 4th anniversary celebration put the kibosh on their wedded bliss. Susan files for divorce, and Steve opts to halt the proceedings by feigning insanity, even if it means playing ‘horsie’ with a gardener’s rake or posing in drag as his own sister. If you’re looking for screw loose screwball comedy, this is it.

Special Features:
· Classic cartoon The Alley Cat
· Audio-only bonus: Screen Directors Guild Playhouse Radio Broadcast
· Theatrical trailer
· Subtitles: English & Français (feature film only)


Street date: August 7, 2007
$49.92 SRP Five Disc Collection
All Films Are Not Rated; All Films are B&W

Double Wedding
Run Time: 87 minutes

Evelyn Prentice
Run Time: 78 minutes

I Love You Again
Run Time: 99 minutes

Love Crazy
Run Time: 99 minutes

Manhattan Melodrama
Run Time: 93 minutes

Note: All enhanced content listed above is subject to change.

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