32 Days of Halloween, Day 22: Giant Animals Attack Twofer

Night of the Lepus

Trying to think of what to post as we get closer and closer to Halloween, I figured I’d up the ante and give you the Marjoe Gortner-starring 1976 film about animals who wind being ginormous…and wanting to kick some human ass. I reference it all the time, so I might as well share:

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But after watching that, I thought: man, there is an even better goofball giant animals attack film, so let’s do a twofer:

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That’s right…Night of the Lepus, baby. But that doesn’t make it clear what our heroes are contending with, does it? So I found the final attack from the film. Now…if you watch this, you’re spoiling the film. But that’s not saying much. I just wanted you to see the hordes of “giant” rabbits, put on a huge-rabbit-sized set and then slowed down, with added sound effects. Bear in mind that about half the movie is just footage of these “giant” beasts thundering across the plains. It’s boring, but hilarious. If that makes any sense. So here you go:

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