Abraham Lincoln vs. the Zombies

One thing we try to do on the site is not just post shit and say, "Oooh, isn't that cool?" We figure if you wanted that, there's plenty of places you can get it. Here, we try to add some value or some cleverness or, all else failing, a completely from out of left field story about our childhood. Just so you feel like you got something extra by coming here instead of all those other sites.

But. Sometimes in this business (this is a business?) we come across something that is so perfect, so sublime, that there's very little we can add to what is already present.

This shirt is three of those.

In the zombie crisis of 1864 Abe brought the country together again by offering amnesty to the southern states to join as a nation of brothers to fight as one against the undead. Bringing the country together as a truly civil and free nation united under gun, death to the undead and honor to the house of lincoln.

This shirt fills me with such joy that I feel like I'm ending the week on a high note now. Thank you, Enclothe. And thank you, Fantastic Blognanza. Sniff. I love you guys.