Win Paquet’s Cabinet of Curiosities Busts!

Paquet Paquet

Okay, so when I saw these coming up on Dark Horse‘s release radar, I knew I wanted to get on board and get a pair for you to win. So you know, we’ve got these busts for you to win. And man, they are sweet. (You can click the thumbnails there to see the full glory of each.) 500 piece limited edition for each. They clock in at $69 each as well. The Bride is about 8.5 inches tall, The Monster 9. Here’s what they have to say for themselves:

The Monster is the first entry in the Paquet’s Cabinet of Curiosities bust line and The Bride is the second, depicting new visions of old horrors as designed, sculpted and painted by the master of visual horror, William Paquet. The Monster is Mary Shelley’s creature as envisioned through the eyes of Paquet. The Bride is the perfect complement to The Monster as the good Doctor intended.

What can I say to that except Nice? Proceed to win. Oh, and just a quick addendum: if you win, we’re going to need your phone numbers so Dark Horse can get you your swag. So if you don’t have a phone number, um…borrow one.

Contest is closed! Thanks for playing.

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  • Wow! I’d give an arm and a leg to win this one. Well, maybe not an arm and a leg, but an arm at least. well, maybe not really an arm but a finger maybe, no…well I’d be willing to sacrifice a fingernail or two for the cause. :)