Ricky Jay Video Revenge

So I was checking some of our older posts and found that our post about Ricky Jay saving us from the evil mind clutches of Derren Brown has been hobbled by the fact that all four vids have been pulled. I can only assume that this is more of Derren’s mind manipulation as he works his wiles over on this side of the pond towards his end of freaky world domination.

However, because it pisses me off that they’ve taken four excellent Ricky videos and removed them, I went and found you four more. Because I’m just that way.

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That bit is from the DVD that accompanies Ricky Jay Plays Poker, a CD of poker music picked out by the man himself. Yes, that is John C. Reilly among the players.


Here he is with the Alaskan Poker dealing trick.

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For a change of pace, here he is doing a variation of cups and balls. The trouble with Ricky is that he’s so knowledgeable about history and the history of magic, half the time you can’t tell when he’s bullshitting. If you want to know what I’m talking about, check out his Extraordinary Exhibitions or Jay’s Journal of Anomalies.

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Here, he goes back into the Alaskan Poker bit at the end but with enough of a variation, and enough cool shit in front of it, that here we go again. I believe that when you see vids of him and this table, it’s footage from his 52 Assistants stage show, which we’ve discussed recently. Again, if you get a chance and can afford to go see him, I highly recommend you do. Not just because he’s our last hope against Derren, but because he’s an inhuman badass.

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