Real Life Mater from Cars

So since I've posted my open letter to Mr. John Lasseter, I saw the ad about Bolt and the answer to my question of: where was the animated short? The answer is: it's being added this weekend. A short with Mater from Cars entitled "Tokyo Mater." I'll be interested to see what boost this provides to the Bolt box office--the last time I recall Pixar changing things after the film had opened were the "outtakes" that appeared at the end of A Bug's Life--if memory serves me correctly. I think they traded them out for new ones after a few weeks.

I'm interested to see how well it works because I have no feel for what a draw the character of Mater is. Even though I appear to have liked the movie Cars more than most, I wonder how else everyone else feels. Maybe he's a hit with the kiddies, I dunno.

But reading this made me think of something else--and again, I'm sure the Dixar folks are way ahead of me. You've got Digital 3-D now--and for Bolt it was stunning. Going back to the classic shorts for a minute, what if you reworked some classic Disney shorts for full-on Digital 3-D? Start with "Steamboat Willie." Hit us with "The Old Mill"--which was shot on the multiplane camera anyway. You want to get some people like me back in cinemas to rewatch a film? Bring some of that noise. And hey, where it's showing in 2-D? Show the short in 2-D. I think I might be up for watching it even in normal 2-D on the big screen...most Disney shorts have only been experienced by folks like me on video. So to see it big and bold like it was originally--would be stellar.

Anyway, just some thoughts. This is what I do instead of sleeping. My rates are very reasonable.


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