Rowan Atkinson and Kate Bush: Do Bears

Rowan Atkinson, joined on stage by Kate Bush, to sing a lovely duet for Comic Relief back in 1986. I know you're thinking: Comic Relief, that's that shite charity thing that was around for a bit in the U.S. for the 80s and sort of fizzled out. But no, my friends. In the UK it is a nation-wide party for charity that is just brilliant. For more info, check out the official site here. It happens every two years, so this upcoming year--the date is March 13th, apparently. We'll have to do something for the occasion, I'm sure.

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Found via poeTV.

And because I try not to give you just one of everything--and partly because any excuse to bring up some Red Nose Day stuff is always welcome around's Catherine Tate in a very special comedy sketch from 2007.

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