The Town That Was will be remembered by Jacob Novak of Minnesota, Brenda Smith of Florida, Lori Liffrig of Virginia, Tom Bellamy of Florida, and Sheila Boutilier of Nova Scotia

Clay Goetz of Alberta will be digging with The Burrowers

Andy Braun of Illinois, Cherie Michalec of Oklahoma, and Robert Fantom of New York get to dress up with Jack Taylor of Beverly Hills

Something will come of nothing for Margaret Horowitz of North Carolina and her copy of King Lear

Melanie Anderson of British Columbia, Ian Haynes of Arizona, Michael McLane of Pennsylvania, Karen Mayernick of Michigan, and Alicia Tong of California will be teaming up with Jake and the Fatman Season 2

The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln goes to Peter Simmons of Nevada

Penn and Teller welcome Robyn Sheppard of Tennessee, Rose Goldwater of Oregon, Sean Sleboda of Florida, Jennifer MacDonald of Texas, and Valerie Mitchell of California to Bullshit Season 6

The Warner Archive winners are Melady Duran of Hawaii, M. Kataczinsky of Nevada, Julie Hanson-Mannion of South Carolina, Erin Mone of New Jersey, and Linda Zid of Illinois

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