Peter Cushing

I consider myself pleased to have stumbled across this: it's A One Way Ticket to Hollywood, a feature-length interview/retrospective concerning the life and career of one of our favorites, Peter Cushing. While the content is, as you might expect, not limited to his horror work (everything from Hamlet to Star Wars is also included)--this is Peter Cushing for crying out loud. So it's definitely within our jurisdiction for 32 Days of Halloween. And it doesn't appear to be in print on enjoy it while you can, amigos.

Update: And well, the Peter Cushing "This is Your Life" that I had put up in it's place...that's been taken down as well. Damn.

Update: Good news is the Ticket to Hollywood docu is back up...but not embeddable. So you can find that here.

Update: Nope. Dammit, now they're both down.

Last year at this time we were enjoying some spoooky Three Stooges shorts. The year before that it was a pair of trailers for Food of the Gods and Night of the Lepus.

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