13 Days of Xmas 2009 – Day 9: Newsreels Under the Tree



So this post over at Classic Television Showbiz, where we snagged this 1950 (or 1951) newsreel–in which Warner Pathe newsreel cameramen from all over the world wish you a Merry Christmas–gave us an idea. The vast untapped wealth of Christmas newsreels. Let’s start with the first one…

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This next one, according to the YouTube poster, is Babe Ruth’s last public appearance, as Santa Claus in 1947. Call me crazy, but was he dubbed over by Tom Waits or what?

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And this…is Christmas on a U-Boat in the Caribbean during World War II as part of a German propaganda film. Wild.

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Not wanting to end on such a strange note, let’s instead go to this homemade newsreel from 1990. What can we learn from this awesome specimen? Namely that everyone’s grandma–I swear to FSM–had the exact same kitchen. Seriously. Take a look.

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