32 Days of Halloween IV, Day 7: The Twilight Zone …Again

Twilight Zone 1980s

Day 7 has traditionally been all about anthologies, such as (as we’ve featured in previous years) One Step Beyond and The Twilight Zone.

But since I still can’t find “Go to the Head of the Class,” the classic Amazing Stories Halloween episode, let’s stop by and check out the 1980s revival of The Twilight Zone. I know we always wince when we hear about new versions of older shows, but this one was decent. Some of the episodes I really enjoyed and stuck with me, like this one, “Nightcrawlers” and “Button, Button,” to name a few. As for this one, check out a very young Frances McDormand and William Petersen.

This segment is from Season 1 and is available on DVD from Image.

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