13 Days of Xmas 2010, Day 11: I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Christmas Clue

I'm Sorry I Haven't a Christmas Clue

For fans of British panel shows, there is the granddaddy of them all: I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue. Originally chaired by Humphrey Lyttelton with original panelists Graeme Garden, Barry Cryer, Tim Brooke-Tyler and Willie Rushton, it’s improvisational and unadulterated joy. Colin Sell provides musical accompaniment and scoring is normally done by the lovely Samantha. Sadly, Rushton and “Humph” are no longer with us, but Jack Dee has taken over and a range of guest panelists have filled in the space.

But back in 2003, they did a combo panel show/Christmas Carol parody. It’s quite possibly one of the best Xmas shows ever. I could not find a complete version of it online…but some kind soul has taken some bits from that and another Christmas episode and come up with a nice sampling. The full Christmas Carol episode can be found on Amazon as a CD or Audible download. It’s worth it.
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Direct link for the feedreaders.

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  • for fans of the program, this show is simply BRILLIANT! however, some of the gags may go over the heads of first time listeners, e.g. the ‘game’ Mornington Crescent really doesn’t make sense at first

  • yes, iPlayer will/should work anywhere…

    FYI, all programs on BBC Radio are available to listen-on-demand for a week after its airing (unless there are licensing issues, like for Desert Island Discs)…

    the program is part of “Sue Perkins’ Christmas Comedy Stocking” (the other programs are quite good too)… I think the program in question is the last one, so you can skip ahead to about the 2:03 mark…

    if you want to get it in WMP or Realplayer, this link will also work (until about 6 pm (ET) Saturday)…


    OR when the program airs by itself on Monday, Dec 27, this link should work sometime after 8 am (ET), for the next week


    HINT, HINT: if you have the newest Realplayer, you can use it to record this program while it’s playing ;-) (though with my last two RP upgrades, the ‘record from current position’ didn’t actually work, it didn’t start recording until double the current postion, e.g. if at 1:00 min, the file wouldn’t start until the 2:00 min mark, I don’t know if scanning ahead would shorten that delay)…

  • Wayne: Thank you for that extensive and helpful comment! I’m sure many people will legally acquire many episodes in that fashion…

  • just so you know, Realplayer can only record non-copy-protected streams, and BBC Radio 4 and Radio 7 choose not to copy-protect their programs (at least I’ve never come across one that couldn’t be recorded)… in fact, the BBC actually has a soft spot for home recording of their programs because they often reach out to the public to obtain copies of much older shows that have gone missing from their own archives — I think they call it “Some of Our Archives Were Missing”… so don’t expect a knock on the door from the copyright police ;-)

    personally, I only do it because I found my older version of Realplayer would sometimes ‘skip’ while streaming and I’d miss 7-sec gaps of the program (maybe a memory issue?), so I’d record it in Realplayer and convert it into an MP3 to actually listen to…

    and also to record Jeremy Hardy ‘singing’ on “I’m Sorry…”, that is my fav part of the show!!!

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