I'm Sorry I Haven't a Christmas Clue

For fans of British panel shows, there is the granddaddy of them all: I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue. Originally chaired by Humphrey Lyttelton with original panelists Graeme Garden, Barry Cryer, Tim Brooke-Tyler and Willie Rushton, it's improvisational and unadulterated joy. Colin Sell provides musical accompaniment and scoring is normally done by the lovely Samantha. Sadly, Rushton and "Humph" are no longer with us, but Jack Dee has taken over and a range of guest panelists have filled in the space.

But back in 2003, they did a combo panel show/Christmas Carol parody. It's quite possibly one of the best Xmas shows ever. I could not find a complete version of it online...but some kind soul has taken some bits from that and another Christmas episode and come up with a nice sampling. The full Christmas Carol episode can be found on Amazon as a CD or Audible download. It's worth it.

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