Threadless zombie sandwich

So I know we've just done a Threadless post and about this very same sale. However, while we don't like to get repeat-happy about things, there's one editorial rule that trumps almost every other: "If it's undead and bleeds, it leads." Granted, the sandwich pictured here is probably bleeding jam if anything, but it counts. The shirt works for me on so many levels: zombies, bread (since I'm on a low carb diet, there's a special horror inherent there), and the fact the poor shambling creature is bisected and held together by a plastic bag. It's...just brilliant. Granted, it would be more brilliant on a black t-shirt, but not everything can be perfect. The shirt's proper name is "Breaaad!" by Philip Tseng and we say well done.

Also of note is a Bob-omb reimagined as a steampunky clockpunky explody thing. And what if everyone's favorite Canadian mutant was created not by Len Wein but Chuck Jones instead? Good question--answer revealed here.

More Threadless stuff is here...and remember, most shirts are $10 until 11am EST tomorrow. Enjoy.