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DragonCon 2011: Make the Bad Men Stop

DragonCon 2011: Make the Bad Men Stop


Well, the Weekend Justice League has taken the week off so we can recover from DragonCon. Those of you who wonder why it takes so long to recover have never been. But do not despair. We will not leave you with nothing. Thanks to the machinations of Captain Tech, Jon Boutelle, we’ve managed to record a lot of stuff. And this is the first bit of stuff.

It’s Make the Bad Men Stop, our annual foray into the realms of pop culture adaptations (usually for the big screen), in which we do our best to crush the hopes and dreams of our audience. We do this on Leigh’s track and pretty much open and close her room with it. This was recorded on Friday, September 2nd. (Jesus, was that just a week ago?) The second part was recorded the following Monday and will be posted eventually. The reason I’m sending this out over the Weekend Justice feed as well is not only because it, in essence, is our pinch-podcast for this week…but you’ll see that live we’re eeriely like we are Memorex.

Lastly, I apologize in advance that I did not think to repeat the questions into the mic as they are very faint coming from the audience. Sorry about that. We learn as we go. Or try to, anyway.

To download this panel recording directly, DragonCon 2011: Make the Bad Men Stop, then do that thing. For the previous episode, click here.

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