Count Dracula 1970

Tonight has been a night for Dracula. And you would be amazed (or maybe not) as to how many different film versions there are. We've covered a lot of them but there's still more: case in point, Jess Franco's Count Dracula from 1970.

Not a Hammer film and yet you've got Christopher Lee as Dracula. So it's, I guess you might say, the Never Say Never Again of Dracula flicks.

The cast beyond Sir Christopher is impressive: Klaus Kinski as Renfield and Herbert Lom as Van Helsing. And the film on the whole is more faithful to the novel--notice this version of Dracula starts off old and gets younger, as opposed to the sauve-from-the-get-go Mr. Lugosi. Definitely worth a viewing. Enjoy!

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It's available in a special edition from MPI on DVD.

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