And now for something that is still different, but only because it continues to mutate at an alarming rate. But the bottom line is this:

It’s the third episode of the first season of Solve This, the improvisational panel show and podcast that still has that new podcast smell about it but only because it bought it as a fragrance. It will be going up every Tuesday and this is the third of four episodes. Myriad problems of varying degrees of sanity are tackled by a panel comprised of four experts possessing varying degrees of sanity.

Joining me for this episode are, in alphabetical order:

  • Jon Boutelle, president and perpetrator of The Unique Geek
  • Jay Edwards, indie filmmaker and also producer/editor of Aqua Teen and Squidbillies for Adult Swim
  • Aaron Poole, former host of Cabin Fever, blogger and keeper of vocabulary
  • Rox of Spazhouse, Need Coffee’s artist in residence and Hobo Queen-in-exile
  • [audio:]

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