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No End of Now: Some Music We Made No End of Now: Pieces Together

It’s the trio known as No End of Now. They’ve got a new album out called Some Music We Made…here’s what they have to say for themselves:

We may not always be able to live a life without limits—but an explosive new Tampa based jazz/rock power trio is showing us the endless possibilities of how to embrace today, this very moment, like there’s No End of Now.

That provocative moniker perfectly reflects the free flowing, wild musical, groove and sonically expansive conversations that drive Rex Shepherd (guitars), John Tschirhart (bass) and Jason Stander (drums). Together, they create a hard to peg, alternately infectious and trippy, hypnotic vibe that expands and revolutionizes the many genres they draw from—starting with jazz, rock, funk, blues and world music. It’s an ever-evolving aesthetic they share on their new full length recording Some Music We Made, recorded live in two days at Clear Track Studios in Clearwater, Florida.

With this “live in the present” philosophy, where every musical notion is an open door to a new way to think about rock and jazz, the three principals of No End of Now are open to letting their growing legion of fans define the live and recorded experience.

Some dub No End of Now as “hippie Jazz,” others as “psychedelic fusion.” Shepherd’s favorite comparison came from a guy in a bar where they were playing one night: “Robin Trower meets Miles Davis,” a spot on observation considering that Shepherd’s guitar influences range from Trower and Hendrix on the classic rock side to jazz greats Jim Hall and Bill Frisell.

Still others get drawn in beyond the point of no return and are left almost speechless, save for “What the hell was that? That was cool.” With titles like “Meditation on the Occasional Uselessness of a Guitar Pick,” “Lunch With The Departed” and “Soy Mash,” that’s pretty much the norm.

Want a sample? Sure thing:

Now here’s the deal: we’ve got a copy of both of their albums, Some Music We Made and Pieces Together, to give away. Winner gets both. Want to win them? Excellent. Here’s how that happens: you enter using the form below. Remember you can enter once a day. If we draw your name when the contest ends, you snag it! Good luck!

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