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It’s Daniel H. Wilson’s Amped, out as an unabridged audiobook from Random House Audio, read by Robbie Daymond. Here’s what they have to say for themselves:

The New York Times best-selling author of Robopocalypse returns with Amped, a riveting imaginative techno-thriller–and the event book of Summer 2012.

Amped is a pulse-pounding epic that explores the near-future…a pivot point in history when technology offers “amplified” superhuman abilities to regular people. This is the moment when the slowest kid in class visits the doctor and returns as the smartest; when a blind person suddenly has eyesight that surpasses anything found in “normal” humans; when retirees wearing Medicare-funded medical exoskeletons take construction jobs from the young.

On the day that the Supreme Court passes the first laws intended to restrict the abilities–and rights–of “amplified” humans, 29-year-old Owen Gray learns that his own medical implant has been quietly sharpening his intelligence and altering his perception of reality for years. Owen is catapulted into a new underclass of implanted citizens, commonly referred to as “amps.” He also finds himself (based on a past he never knew) unwittingly at the center of an epic human rights crusade that is eerily reminiscent of the civil rights movement.

Amped is a sublimely entertaining and technologically savvy thriller about the very human ways we interact with technology, and ways it changes us. Daniel H. Wilson once again takes readers to the edge of conceivable science, and raises the bar on page-turning action.

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