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Alcohol Quest #8: Beerventure 2 – Beer Harder

Big Dub and Widgett Walls carouse at Hotoberfest Atlanta 2012

Having finally gotten around to putting together the video (or recovering from the activities in the video–you be the judge), we bring you the sequel to our previous Beerventure in which we went in search of the North American Red Robin Sam Adams Octoberfest Milkshake. This time around Need Coffee sent Big Dub the Mighty along with Widgett Walls to sample as many beers as possible at Hotoberfest 2012, which was held in Atlanta on October 6th of last year.

What resulted was an increasing amount of beer, drunkenness, excess, pizza, mead and also beer. And a pair of weirdos with snifters who became increasingly incoherent as the day wore on. Spoilers: it all ends passed out on a couch. Enjoy. They did.
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A Clash of Differences: Game of Thrones Season 2 — TV vs. Book

Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones

So in my mad rush to get current in my media consumption of quality stories like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, I am finally current with what has actually aired on television. I have already discussed Game of Thrones Season 1 here, as well as The Walking Dead. So now, I shall venture into Season/Book 2 of Game of Thrones: A Clash of Kings. I have not finished Book 3 yet, with Dragon*Con and all recently happening, so this should be relatively spoiler-free if you are only two parts into it as well.

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The Walking Confusion: Tyreese vs. Bonus Shane, Daryl and T-Dog

Tyreese from The Walking Dead

Editor’s Spoiler Note: While B.D. was mostly spoiler-free, if for some reason you haven’t ventured at all into the Walking Dead-verse and wish to do so, steer clear of this as some major plot details are covered (unavoidably so).

I recently engaged in a buffet of The Walking Dead universe. Over the month of July and early August, I consumed both seasons of the TV show as well as all 101 (released to-date) comics. Everyone who is a fan of the show has heard of the various differences between the two, and these seem to be hotly debated. I feel it is a basic agreement that while both are set in the same universe, they are both separate stories that have a similar feel to them. I am a fan of both stories, and actually do appreciate the differences and the surprises that can bring. This is very different than the Game of Thrones experience, which Widge has already commented on. With Game of Thrones sticking to the same basic story as the books, few surprises come up. If you’ve read the book, you knew about the major death in Season 1, for example. In The Walking Dead, however, if you read the comics first, you have been waiting two whole seasons for Shane’s death. This is just one example of the difference in the adaptations. This thought of Shane really got me thinking about why they chose to keep him alive for so long in the TV series. As I journeyed into that rabbit hole, I thought it has something to do with the omission of Tyreese in the series. Let me explain.

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Looking Back on Song of Ice and Fire Book 1: The Original vs. The TV Remix

Sean Bean as Ned Stark in Game of Thrones

Recently, I have embarked on a journey of reading through George R.R. Martin‘s series A Song of Fire and Ice. In conjunction with this, I chose to watch the HBO Series Game of Thrones as I finished the corresponding book. I finished Book One about a week ago, and have just finished Season 1 of the TV series. While I know I am behind, I have never been accused of being current in my pop culture (though I still don’t understand what is wrong with my Garanimals shirts and my Zubas trousers…?). I decided to tackle this with some overall observations, and then discuss my favorite characters and their representation in each piece of media. I will begin with this question: Do you think there was ever a time where Kristian Nairn (aka Hodor) ever had to stop shooting and ask for his line?

Obviously, this piece contains spoiler information for both book and series, so if you’re trying to remain free of one or the other…you pays your silver stags, you takes your chances.

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Quite a Few Reservations: Summer of Bacon by Burger King

Burger King Bacon Sundae

You know that you have a great family when your little sister alerts you that bacon and ice cream are combining forces for a nationwide caloric assault this summer. This is exactly what happened: my sister informed me that Burger King was going to offer a Bacon Sundae to get people into their restaurants. I, being the bold taste tester that I am, immediately scoured the internet to find that June 14th was the magic date this would be arriving. So, as a good steward to all Need Coffee readers, I left work early to make sure I could sample this treat the day of release.

Since I was already at Burger King and I figured two new bacon items were better than one (easy math), I decided I should also try one of the new sandwiches accompanying the bacon sundae on the menu. Now, don’t be alarmed, I will not spend long on the review of the sandwich, because I know what the main event in this review is. I elected to try the Burger King Carolina BBQ Whopper. Now, it must be warned that I was born in South Carolina and BBQ was a big part of my formative eating years. For that reason, I have always had an affinity for the Tangy Carolina style BBQ sauce. According to BK, this is a “grilled burger patty with pepper jack cheese, thick-cut bacon, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, Sweet Southern dressing and Bull’s-Eye Carolina Style BBQ sauce on a sesame seed bun.”

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Quite a Few Reservations: Big Dub vs. The McCruncher

McDonalds: Created Just For You

Due to Mephistopheles, the evildoer, transplanting me to a new state (Alabama) because of work, I have been quite busy and unable to contribute to the bastion of pop culture that is Need Coffee. But fret no more, dear friends: I have returned with a new segment in which I try things that (should) give me cause for worry and concern. But I overlook these fears in order to provide information for the masses; such is my duty to humanity. For the first in these discussions I decided to focus on something local to Birmingham, in order to thwart Mephistopheles’ plot.

A fringe benefit of my new locale is I am in a college-saturated area. While this causes problems in some cases, it does tend to create a market for two things the college student must have in their natural habitat: dollar menu food items and dollar margaritas. McDonald’s has decided to exploit this need (the first one…not the one about the margaritas), and utilize Birmingham, Tuscaloosa and the surrounding areas as a test market for a new sandwich: the McCruncher. McDonald’s advertises that this sandwich is the standard hamburger with white cheddar cheese, onion straws and chipotle ranch. Sounds appetizing enough, right? Rather than pedantically examining the name itself, I decided to just go for it and try one.

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Whence Cometh The Christmas Creep?

Scary Santa

Our favorite holiday, Halloween, has come and gone, and do you know what that means? Is it time for us to fill our bellies on various forms of mutton and copious amounts of ale as we honor the founding of our country? Is it time for students around these proud United States to find the funds to hire people to write their final examination essays on their behalf? Is it time to honor those that have served to defend the freedom of our country? Is it time to elect representatives–or at a minimum, make it legal to buy alcohol every day of the week? (Note: The author of this article lives in Georgia.)

For all these questions, the answer to some people is: yes, of course. However, the majority of the Shopping Industry would have us believe it is time for only one thing: Ol’ Saint Nick, those witty little elves, Rudolph and His Antlered Crew and Reese’s Peanut Butter Trees. That is correct, dear Need Coffee readers, November is here and thus…so is Christmas. Why is it, that two months before the actual event, we are already being seemingly forced to celebrate? No other occasion gets this much fanfare, and the aforementioned vote to approve alcohol sales on Sundays only got a minor blurb in the paper, much to the chagrin of lushes lovers of freedom everywhere. So what is it that makes this happen? This, friends, is called The Christmas Creep.

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What If: The Hokey Pokeyocentric Theory

The Hokey Pokey

Editor’s Note: The question has been asked many times, many ways. From a song by Jimmy Buffett to an online musing by a Jesuit priest…but nobody’s really seriously given it the same amount of thought that Big Dub has here. And that’s sort of terrifying, so it’s good to post this just so we can keep an eye on him. You’re welcome.

Everyone shares a common trait to wonder about certain things in life. Is there a higher being that controls everything? Is global warming really happening? Is there one (and only one) true soul mate for everyone out there? If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around, does it make noise? If I eat Diet Coke and Mentos at the same time, will my stomach explode? Are there evil possums luring innocent, trusting possums into the road, knowing that they will get smacked by a car? Sometimes my brain goes wanders among these things. Today it has wandered to the age-old query:

WHAT IF…The Hokey Pokey really is what it’s all about?

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Goats in the Evening: A Perspective on DragonCon 2011


Editor’s Note: Ladies and gents, please give a welcome to Big Dub, who decided to bestow his first bit of presence on that site by giving us his report on properly losing his DragonCon virginity.

Being that I recently changed careers from a weekday production manager at a potted meat factory to a field that permits such mythical things as “Days Off” and an “Actual 9-5 Workday,” I recently successfully completed my first full Dragon*Con. And by full, I am talking taking in all the Thursday to Monday action. So after eighteen panels, ten MARTA (the Atlanta public transit system–more on them shortly) trips and one birthday celebration, I am ready to reflect on the difference between the full experience I have had versus the Dragon*Con Lite I’ve had to be satisfied with in the past.

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