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10 Anime and Manga Felines

Cats. We all love ’em, and anime seems to love them more than most. But where’s an otaku to start when they’re done perusing the day’s new lolcats? Well, we at Need Coffee are here to help you! Anime felines may be adorable, evil, alien, powerful, comic relief, or all of the above, but they’re always interesting.

Anime Cats

There are literally hundreds of cat characters in anime, from Meowth of Pokémon to Love Hina‘s Kuro to Trigun‘s everpresent Kuroneko-sama, and that’s not including the now-cliché cat-girls. The following list provides ten of these feline stars of the screen for your viewing enjoyment in no particular order (as I couldn’t bring myself to rank them). Some are serious, some are very much not, and all are awesome.
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Top 10 Tip-Offs You’re the Protagonist in an Anime Harem Series

Anime Harem

We’ve all seen them: the series where some hapless, but lovable Hugh Grant-wannabe somehow manages to charm all the ladies around him (who are, of course, totally out of his class) without even trying or indeed even realizing that he’s done it. Poor fool. But how does he do it? How, in fact, can you tell when it’s happening to you? Need Coffee comes once again to the rescue! This handy checklist will provide you with the certainty you crave. If at least eight of these ten items are true for you, then you, lucky dog, are the star male of a harem anime series! Make the most of it! w00t!

(And sorry, ladies: while technically both ladies and gentlemen can be the focus of a harem series, it’s usually the guys, so this time, we’re doing them. In a list, I mean.)
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Top Horror Anime Addendum: 7 More to Die For

Hell Girl

I put together a list of what I considered to be the top horror anime back in 2007. Since that list was published, a great deal of horror-related anime has been released in the West: some new titles, and some older titles now available for the first time. It’s not a genre that’s particularly in vogue at the moment, alas, since studios are focusing more on shojo action and anything with a whiff of moe, but that doesn’t mean there’s not good stuff out there. Since we get comments on that list all the time asking about this more recent anime or that one, we at Need Coffee thought it was time to revisit the topic and prepare for your enjoyment an updated list of must-see horror anime titles. Japan has been cranking out the live action horror lately instead of animated horror, but there are still several gems worth the viewing.

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DJ Shadow (UNKLE Remix featuring Roots Manuva, Lyrics Remixed Into Latin by Dindrane And Her Posse)

Latin, bitches!

So there came a time in which Dindrane, our resident classicist and Knower of Latin, was given a singular challenge. This challenge was to take a song and translate the lyrics into Latin. The song that she was eventually tasked with was “GDMFSOB” by DJ Shadow. Specifically the UNKLE remix which features the rapping of Roots Manuva. (Embedded song below the jump.) She went away into her linguistic laboratory and–with the help of Doc Ezra and friends of Need Coffee Kevyspice and Double P–was able to come back in time with a complete translation.

This took a great deal of effort on their part and Din, perfectionist that she is, was occasionally ripping her hair our and hiring people to come by her house so she could, in turn, rip their hair out as well. She shared with me a hilarious email where she was imploring someone for help with the term “hippy high heels” and what a Latin equivalent would be.

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Cruellest Month #24: The Battle of the Trees

Llyfr Taliesin

Day 24 of National Poetry Month for 2011 and Dindrane returns with a reading of “The Battle of the Trees” from The Book of Taliesin.

You can download it directly here and a unique feed is here. Enjoy.

Last year at this time we were listening to Lord Byron and “She Walks in Beauty.”

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Cruellest Month #9: You Will Hear Thunder

Anna Akhmatova

National Poetry Month continues and so do we: it’s 30 Days of Poetry Audio. This time around Dindrane gives us her reading of “You Will Hear Thunder,” by Anna Akhmatova.

You can download it directly here and a unique feed is here. Enjoy.

Last year at this time we were checking out Dom’s version of Poe’s “A Dream Within a Dream.”

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Viz and iPad March Madness

Viz Manga March Madness for the iPad

I’m told “March Madness” has a different meaning for some people, but to us manga fans, it will forever have a new meaning: quality manga at an amazingly low price.

Viz has always had several manga series available for reading on the iPad, but during the month of March they will be releasing dozens more. By the end of the month, they plan to have over 100 manga titles available for the iPad. Each volume you buy has the same content as a given physical volume, so your collections can dovetail perfectly. The usual cost of a single volume is $4.99, already a fantastic deal for the quality Viz editing/translation, especially compared to the usual $9.99 physical copy cost. Making things even better during March, however, each Volume 1 will cost only $.99, meaning you can afford four times the manga goodness!

Volumes thus far have looked fantastic, just as good as having a physical copy in your hot little hands, making it a fantastic way to support the anime and manga industry, but still pay rent. No more excuses for illegal downloads! Honestly, the amount of cash you’ll save over buying the book versions will pay for the iPad pretty soon…well, if you consume manga like I do.

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Ghost in the Shell Blu-Rays NOT a Ghost!

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Last September, the cries of joy from Ghost in the Shell fans were heard ’round the world, as Manga Entertainment finally set a date for the release of Blu-Ray versions of all three of the Stand Alone Complex films. However, as the announced date in December 2010 came and went, the collective pain was not to be be borne. But now a new spring is dawning! Manga Entertainment has announced a new date for the release: June 21, 2011. The projected retail price for each has stayed the same, at $34.98–not bad at all for feature length films that each required so much post-production work.

Wa-hoo, I say.

No pre-order links on Amazon yet, but we’ll keep you posted.
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The United States of Arugula – Book Review

Written by: David Kamp
Published by: Broadway Books

One of the biggest trends in American food today is the trend towards slow food, or trading speed of preparation for quality and a deeper understanding of where the food came from and what it’s doing to your body. In addition, chefs are now using as commonplace ingredients that a mere decade ago would have seemed exotic, and there are sushi restaurants in the smallest backwater towns. But what made this sea change in American food? The United States of Arugula looks at this phenomenon and tries to trace the changes and even guess where we’re going.

The book is primarily a series of biographical praises to the chefs and gourmands who, in their turn, created and nurtured the burgeoning American foodie culture. It begins with a look at American food “before”…a rather frightening wasteland of condensed soup casseroles and beef with a side of beef. And then the French chefs came and James Beard started writing cookbooks. Author Kamp traces the origins of the “American food revolution” to a handful of luminaries, including Julia Child and Craig Claiborne, but does little to explain why the country was ready to accept them. Certainly the historical Great Man theory is interesting, but most historians will tell you that the times must be ready to accept and aide the Great Man, or he will pass into obscurity, his ideas with him.

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The SFOP Appreciation Society #3: Rogue

How Fast Can You Swim? Rogue

And we’re back to bring to order another meeting/podcast of The SFOP Appreciation Society. It stars Leigh and Dindrane (with engineering by PhantomV48 and intro narration by Doc), and the focus is on SyFy Original Pictures and their cinematic cousins.

These are audio commentaries. Mostly. You can either listen along with your own copy of their third film, Rogue (assuming you have one), or you can listen along with whatever it is you’re doing in your regular life. And don’t worry that you can’t listen without synching up with a version of the film–they can barely sync themselves up to it. Regardless, enter into the presence of: The SFOP Appreciation Society.

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To download this episode directly, here you go: The SFOP Appreciation Society #3: Rogue. You can find the previous episode here.