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Bitches Brew #2: Summer Lovin’

Summer Lovin from Grease

And now…the podcast with even more drinking, um, that the rest of our podcasts. Do you fear that drinking alone makes you an alcoholic? Well, join Leigh, Jon and Serv for this second episode of Bitches Brew and you’ll never drink alone again. Plus, you’ll get some information about things that are fun to imbibe.

Episode 2 has everyone’s favorite besotted trio discussing summer beers plus selections from Trader Joe’s.


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Alcohol Quest #6: The Unique Geek vs. Craft Brew Palooza

Craft Brew Palooza

Dispatched by Leigh, Need Coffee Dot Com Minister of Fine Spirits, two intrepid geeks from The Unique Geek, Jon and Duncan, made their way to the Craft Beer-a-Palooza last month in Tampa. This is their increasingly drunken story.

Some highlights to look for: Duncan gives you a number of pro-tips: about why you should maybe choose cider, about popular beers vs. good beers, and party etiquette. He also engages in mortal combat with a particular beer. And some curbs. Jon also would like to point out something to remember whenever you’re planning an event like this. Then it all goes to a dark place. On a roof.
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