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Shiner Family Reunion Beer Variety Pack – Review

Shiner Family Reunion Beer Variety Pack

I first enjoyed Shiner Bock in its home state of Texas. I was on a vacation with my mother, sister, grandmother and aunt and we were in a restaurant in San Antonio. The waiter suggested Shiner Bock to us as a “Texas beer” and we all tried it. And enjoyed it. Shiner Bock, at that time, was only available in Texas and it was “the beer” at most restaurants.

Additionally, as per my mother, grandmother and aunt, it was the only thing that made the non-drivers able to make it through the interminable hours driving across the Texas desert. There was a reason I was only on the San Antonio part of their trip.

Shiner expanded its brewery about two years after that and I’ve been able to enjoy their Bock whenever now. It’s a good beer: tasty, not too hoppy, with a nice carbonation and flavour. Per the Shiner site and write-ups, the Bock is their “flagship” for their family of brews and if you haven’t had it, do. Good beer.

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Bitches Brew #1: Samuel Adams Octoberfest vs. Cherry Wheat

Danny Huston as Samuel Adams from the John Adams miniseries

Ha ha. Either way, I win.

Welcome to the latest podcast from Need Coffee Dot Com, a strange spinoff of sorts from Weekend Justice. Do you fear that drinking alone makes you an alcoholic? Well, join Leigh, Jon and Serv for this inaugural podcast of Bitches Brew and you’ll never drink alone again. Plus, you’ll get some information about things that are fun to drink.

Episode 1 has the intrepid trio facing off about what the best fall beer is: Octoberfest or Cherry Wheat, both from Sam Adams.


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Leigh’s Tips For Wine Newbies

480 Liter Wine Bottle

After the apocalypse, this 480 liter bottle of wine will be worshipped as a god. Well. More than it is now, we mean.

For any new wine buff…or someone who just wants to look like a wine buff…I’ve compiled some tips from the Ministry of Fine Spirits so you can order wine at a wine bar and not look like a complete newbie…

1. The great thing about wine bars is that they are now often serving “flights”–these are three to four glasses of wine, about 1/3-1/2 of a “regular pour” size and are to give you an idea of what you might like. That being said–if you are on a date–a flight can make you appear indecisive…or like a lush because you have three glasses in front of you instead of one. Flights are great, though, when you go out with friends and are just wanting to figure out what wine is what, without having to try to impress.

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Alcohol Quest #4: How to Make the Big Bry Manhattan

Makers Mark Seal

For our latest adventure into the land of mixological mayhem, we go to Leigh, Minister of Fine Spirits, showing you what she does best. She is joined by Big Dub (aka Big Bry), giving her moral support. And drinking support. Because both are necessary. The task: how to make a perfect sweet Manhattan, which Leigh dubs (Big Dubs perhaps) “The Big Bry Manhattan.” Along the way, something is learned about bar gear, a glimpse of Leigh’s massive booze stash is glimpsed, and scurvy is thwarted once more. Not bad for a video that runs under five minutes.
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