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Headsup: The 4400: The Complete Series

If you’re a fan of The 4400, you probably know a lot about the show, but did you realize it’s already been ten years since it went off the air?

If you’re unfamiliar with the series, it’s the story of what happens when 4,400 people who have gone missing over the past several decades suddenly reappear in Washington State (at the same age they were when they disappeared) via a mysterious ball of light.  As the NTAC (National Threat Assessment Command) division of Homeland Security struggles to solve the mystery of what has happened, they are presented with an additional challenge when members of The 4400 begin to develop superhuman powers such as mega strength, telekinesis, and the ability to see through walls.

Starring Joel Gretsch (as Tom Baldwin) and Jacqueline McKenzie (as Diana Skouris), the show was popular with its fan base and was even nominated for three Emmy Awards, but took some creative hits during the Writers Guild strike and was taken off of USA’s lineup in 2007.  When the show was cancelled with Season 4 ending in a cliffhanger, disappointment-fueled fans launched a campaign to bring the show back on the air (but, sadly, were unsuccessful).

In October 2008 CBS/Paramount released a complete series DVD collection which included all four seasons of the show along with the bonus features that had been part of the single season releases (including audio commentaries, featurettes, a Director’s cut of the episode “The Great Leap Forward”, and gag reels) along with a disc of new bonus content.  This collection was discontinued for a while, but fans who missed getting it the first time will be happy to know that it has been re-released (albeit without the extra bonus content disc from 2008) and is currently available on Amazon for just $27.95.  That evens out to about 65 cents per episode (plus all the original bonus content), a definite improvement over the pricing of around $40 if you were to purchase all the individual seasons separately.  Netflix subscribers also have access to all four seasons, so this is one of those cases where it’s important to decide how much you value the extras if you could otherwise get it for no extra cost via Netflix.  If you’re a super-mega fan and don’t have it on the shelf, though, remember that just because it’s on Netflix today doesn’t mean it always will be, and just because the complete series set is out right now is no guarantee that it will stay (they already discontinued it once), so with that coupled with the show’s cliffhanger finale that was never resolved, it’s up to you to decide if you want to opt out of getting the set and risk your beloved show giving you yet another heartache.

Headsup: A Tale of Two Cities


Out now are the complete sets of two shows which combine a series-long love letter to their respective cities with crime fighting protagonists who navigate them:


Streets San Francisco Complete SeriesIn The Streets of San Francisco, two cops search for perpetrators of homicides in the City by the Bay in deliciously seventies style.  The show kicked off a week before its September 1972 series premiere with a pilot movie (same title) based on Carolyn Weston’s detective novel, Poor, Poor Ophelia, and then ran for a straight five years to 1977.  The series starred Oscar winners Karl Malden (as veteran cop Michael Stone) and a very young Michael Douglas (as rookie Steve Keller) along with a heck of a lot of Ford cars (Ford Motor Company being the main sponsor for the show).  Filmed entirely on location, the story revolved around the duo investigating murders in San Francisco and Stone mentoring Keller as he learns about police work.  Guest stars were frequent and impressive, including Dean Stockwell, Pernell Roberts, Tom Selleck, Leslie Nielsen, James Woods, Nick Nolte, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Martin Sheen, Dabney Coleman, Desi Arnaz, Jr., John Ritter, Robert Wagner, Dick Van Patten, Mark Hamill, Tom Bosley, and Bill Bixby, among others (even Diana Douglas, Michael Douglas’s mother, appeared on the show). The fifth season saw a change in the main partnership when Keller went off to be a teacher (due to Michael Douglas leaving to pursue a career in films after successfully producing Academy-Award winning film One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest) and was replaced by Inspector Dan Robbins (played by Richard Hatch).  Audiences did not like the change, and ratings dipped, making the fifth season the show’s last.  Across its five year run the show earned multiple Primetime Emmy and Golden Globe award nominations and the love of a fan base which continues to this day.

If you are a member of said group, you’ll be happy to know that The Streets of San Francisco: The Complete Series is now out in a DVD box set, which includes all 120 episodes across 32 discs along with a couple of bonus features (“Pilot Presentation” and a short interview with Malden and Douglas conducted by Hollywood Variety columnist and famed movie premiere emcee Army Archerd).  This doesn’t add any new extras on top of those already featured in the season-specific sets released between 2007-2012, but the pricing of this set (like the packaging) is much more compact, currently set at $51.18 to get the complete series box set on Amazon.



Vegas Complete Series DVDVega$ is the audaciously glam-tastic detective series produced by Aaron Spelling which centers around ultra-cool private eye Dan Tanna (played by Robert Urich), who solves mysteries as he cruises around Las Vegas in his red 1957 Ford Thunderbird (which he parks in the living room of his converted props warehouse living space).  Complementing Urich is an ensemble cast including Phyllis Davis as Beatrice Travis (Tanna’s former-showgirl-turned-single-mom assistant), Greg Morris as Lt. David Nelson (a cop who often secretly assisted Tanna in cases the police couldn’t officially be involved in), Naomi Stevens as Bella Archer (a police sergeant who also assisted Tanna), and Bart Braverman as “Binzer” (Tanna’s leg work guy who also brought comic relief to the show).

Like The Streets of San Francisco, Vega$ was filmed on location, with the exception of a couple of special episodes done in California and Hawaii.  It also boasted numerous guest stars, such as Tony Curtis, Muhammad Ali, Shelley Winters, Joan Van Ark, Abe Vigoda, Wayne Newton, Leslie Nielsen, Maureen McCormick, Garry Marshall, Dean Martin, George Takei, and Heather Menzies (Robert Urich’s real-life wife), among many others. The show ran for three seasons (1978-1981), earning Robert Urich two Golden Globe nominations as Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series and a Primetime Emmy Award nomination to industry mega hitter Phil Norman for Outstanding Achievement in Graphic Design.  Even with its limited run, the series was popular enough to merit its place as one of the first shows to air in off-network syndication on FX when it began in 1994.

Now out in DVD box set is the entire series, featuring all 67 episodes across 18 discs.  As far as bonus content, it’s limited to episode promos, but considering you can get the set on Amazon for only $34.16 (about 51 cents per episode), it’s not too shabby considering the previously released “half season” sets go for around $12 each.


Neither of the titles above are on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or iTunes (if you see Vegas listed there, it’s the 2012-13 Michael Chiklis one), so if you want to grab one or both, these are currently your best bet.

Headsup: Star Trek—Deep Space Nine: The Complete Series

Star Trek-- Deep Space Nine: The Complete Series

Hardcore Trekkies feel passionately about all things Star Trek, and often a divisive issue is the love-it-or-hate-it battle lines drawn around Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.  Although universe creator Gene Roddenberry gave his approval for the show’s concept, his death in 1991 made it the first of the television series to be produced without his direct involvement.  Deep Space Nine premiered in January 1993 (while The Next Generation was still on the air) and ran until June 1999.  The show broke with the formula of other Star Trek series in that it was set on a space station instead of a starship, the first to star a black actor as captain (Avery Brooks as Captain Benjamin Sisko), and the first to habitually showcase personal conflict between the crew members (Roddenberry had favored always having a unified front with other Star Trek crews).

Out now is a box set of the complete series of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine featuring all 176 episodes across 48 (DVD) discs along with multiple bonus features tied to each of the seven seasons.  Notable extras include “New Station, New Ships” (where Robert Legato, Dan Curry, and Robert Sternbach discuss the design process for the show, including that of the space station and the Cardassian warships), “Mission Inquiry: Far Beyond the Stars” (an examination of the thirteenth episode of Season 6, the metafiction storyline featuring almost the entire cast portraying human characters in 1950’s New York), and “24th Century Wedding” (a featurette where the cast and crew discuss Worf and Dax’s Klingon wedding).  If you were hoping this release would be a beautiful restoration from the original 35mm film like those Next Generation season sets that started to roll out into the market in 2012, though, you may be in for a bit of a letdown… Mega fans will recall that Deep Space Nine was released back in 2003 (also on DVD) in single season sets, and this is really just a re-packaging of those into one large box set.  The bonus content is also the same (with the exception of some Best Buy-exclusive features that were found in the previous release) and even the menus are unchanged.  So basically, the only thing that differentiates this set from simply combining the previous individual season sets is a) the newly designed packaging and b) the price.

The price, however, is quite relevant: if you’re looking to purchase all the seasons to keep on the shelf in hard copy, on Amazon you’re looking at a per-season cost of between $27-$69 each for the 2003 individual sets, so when you consider that you can currently snag the box set of the complete series there for only $70.60, it starts to make a lot of sense.  Alternatively, if you just want streaming access to the episodes and don’t care much about the bonus content, you can also find the entire series included with membership on Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu.



Headsup: Crime Families

** Disclaimer: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment requests we note that it provided a free copy of the first DVD featured below. The opinions I share are my own.


If you’re a fan of watching family drama unfold amidst the background of criminal enterprise, one (or both) of these new releases may be for you:


Animal-Kingdom-Season-One-Blu-rayFirst we have Animal Kingdom: TNT’s new show based on the 2010 Australian film (same title) written by David Michôd, who also executive produces the series.  Animal Kingdom tells the story of Joshua (“J”) Cody, a troubled teen who is forced through circumstance to move in with his southern California family (with a penchant for petty crime) led by matriarch Janine (“Smurf”) Cody.  The show features an ensemble cast, including Finn Cole (Joshua), Emmy award winner Ellen Barkin (Janine), Scott Speedman (Barry “Baz” Blackwell), Shawn Hatosy (Andrew “Pope” Cody), Ben Robson (Craig Cody), Jake Weary (Deran Cody), Daniella Alonso (Catherine Blackwell), and Molly Gordon (Nicky Belmont).  Out now is the complete first season in both DVD and Blu-ray formats.  Special features include “Family Comes First” (a 14-minute featurette where the cast and crew discuss the family dynamics of the show’s characters), “Setting the Stage” (a brief look at the design and construction of the set for Smurf’s house), “Meet the Codys” and “Getting into Character” (which look at the development of the Cody family characters), “Inside Animal Kingdom” (a quick discussion with producers and the cast about the world of Animal Kingdom), “Animal Kingdom: Stunts” (which examines some of the stunt work on the show, involving such feats as skydiving and surfing moves), and deleted scenes.  (It should be noted that with the exception of “Family Comes First,” the featurettes are all around two minutes in length, so be aware that this isn’t hours of bonus content.)

On Amazon the DVD set of Animal Kingdom:The Complete First Season is currently priced at $19.53 and the Blu-ray set is currently $24.42.  Amazon Prime members also have access to the entire first season for free as part of their membership.  Other digital options include purchasing the season on either Amazon or iTunes (both priced at $19.99), although only iTunes offers the aforementioned bonus features as part of its season package.  With that in play, it’s kind of a toss-up; getting the DVD and buying the season on iTunes are pretty much the same price and offer the same bonus content, so it’s up to you to decide if you want a disc on the shelf or to keep things digital.


ICE Season OneNext we have ICE, the AT&T Audience Network / DirecTV original series about the Green family, reputable Los Angeles diamond dealers who find themselves suddenly thrown into a world of smugglers, blood diamonds, and murder.   The series stars Cam Giandet (The Magnificent Seven, Twilight, Easy A) as Jake, Ray Winstone (The Departed, The Sweeney) as Cam, Jeremy Sisto (Suburgatory, Six Feet Under, Law & Order) as Freddy, Donald Sutherland (Forsaken, The Hunger Games) as Pieter Van de Bruin, Raymond Barry (Training Day, Born on the Fourth of July) as Isaac, and Judith Shekoni (Heroes Reborn, Twilight) as Lady Rah. The series was originally ordered back in 2014 but due to creative reasons was dropped, then picked up again for a 10-episode season to premiere in August 2016 on The Audience Network.  (For those of you who are unfamiliar, Audience is one of the general entertainment channels (with no commercials or editing for content) that have gone through many identity changes with AT&T’s acquisition of DirecTV— it began in 1999 as Freeview, then The 101 Network, and now sports its current title.  The Audience Network was originally only available via DirecTV, but with AT&T’s takeover it is now available on AT&T U-verse as well as the DirecTV Now subscription streaming service).

Coming out on May 16 is the complete first season of ICE in a 3-disc DVD set, which includes all ten episodes from Season One as well as a few bonus features, including a featurette on the premise of the show, interviews with stars Jeremy Sisto and Cam Giandet, and a music video of the song “Diamond Girl” by Rachele Royale.  As previously mentioned, those who have AT&T U-verse and / or DirecTV Now have access to the series, but as far as other digital platforms you’re pretty much out of luck—it is (unsurprisingly) not currently available for streaming on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon or iTunes, but you can pre-order the DVD set on Amazon for $28.44.  If you’re intrigued but haven’t gotten a real taste of the show yet, you can check out the series trailer here.


Headsup: The Good Wife: The Complete Series

Good Wife Complete Series

If you’ve been watching The Good Fight, the first original scripted series on CBS All Access, you’re probably aware that it’s a spinoff of the fan favorite The Good Wife. The story of Alicia Florrick (Juliana Margulies), a woman married to disgraced politician Peter Florrick (Chris Noth) who returns to her law career in an effort to heal emotional wounds and reinvent herself, The Good Wife ran for seven seasons. It earned critical acclaim, a host of fanatically faithful viewers, and multiple Emmy, Golden Globe, People’s Choice, SAG, and Critics’ Choice awards along the way. In addition to Margulies and Noth, the series featured an ensemble cast, including Alan Cumming, Christine Baranski, Josh Charles, Matt Czuchry, and Archie Panjabi.

Now out in a DVD box set is the complete series presented over 42 discs, including all 156 episodes of the show along with hours of extras, including interviews with the cast and crew, featurettes on the storylines, character development, and production, insights from the writers and creators, extended and deleted scenes, gag reels, and more. Notable extras include “The Education of Alicia Florrick” (Season 1), “Alicia Florrick: Real Deal Inside the Episode” (Season 2), the corporate sexual harassment educational video (Season 3), “Style Evolution: The Fashion on The Good Wife” (Season 4), the hour-long “Requiem for a Friend: Inside Episode 515” (Season 5), “The Temptation of Alicia Florrick: The Good Wife (Season 6), and coverage of the red carpet/series finale party (Season 7). Fans should be aware that all of the extras presented in this set have already appeared in past releases of the individual seasons, so make sure to factor that in if you’re looking to purchase and you already have some of those on the shelf.

Amazon Prime members can access all seven seasons for free included in their membership, although the only extras present there are previous season recaps preceding Seasons 5-7 and a Q&A with show creators Michelle and Robert King on Season 5.  Individual seasons on DVD (with the same extras assigned in the complete set) are also available on Amazon with prices ranging from $12-$18, but if you don’t have some of those already in your library and are looking to acquire all seven seasons, the most economical option is the complete series DVD set, currently priced at $71.11 (which divides out to about $10.16 per season) on Amazon.


Headsup: Teenage Drama

Disclaimer: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment requests we note that it provided a free copy of the first DVD featured below. The opinions I share are my own.

As if hormones and problem skin weren’t enough, the teens in two new releases have quite a lot on their plates:


Teen Titans Blu-rayAdapted from the adored 1984 DC comic series, Teen Titans: The Judas Contract rejoins the Teen Titans five years after their rescue of Princess Starfire (Kari Wahlgren) from her evil sister.  Now they have their sights set on a new target as Brother Blood (Gregg Henry) and his terrorist group seek to steal the team’s powers with a specially created machine.  With the addition of mysterious new team member Terra (Christina Ricci) and a cat-and-mouse chase with the mercenary Deathstroke (Miguel Ferrer), the Teen Titans are rarely afforded a dull moment.  This film is sequel to Justice League vs Teen Titans and is #28 in the DC Universe Animated Original Movies series which began back in 2007 with Superman: Doomsday.  It also features Miguel Ferrer’s final film role (as Slade Wilson / Deathstroke) before he passed away from throat cancer in January.  Like most of the others in the DC Universe Animated Original Movies line, the film is rated PG-13 (for language, sexual situations, and violence), so be aware before showing or gifting to little ones.
Teen Titans: The Judas Contract is being released direct to home media and is now available in DVD, Blu-ray, and digital formats.  The Blu-ray version has over 45 minutes of bonus features, including a sneak peek at Batman and Harley Quinn (the next film in the DC Universal Original Movie collection), “Villains Rising: Deathstroke” (a featurette about the villain’s origin and talents), “Titanic Minds: Wolfman and Perez” (a 27-minute documentary about the decades-long collaboration of Marv Wolfman and George Perez, the writer and artist who created the Teen Titans comic series relaunch in the 1980s), and “From the DC Comics Vault”, two bonus Teen Titans cartoons.  For a limited time, fans can also own the Deluxe Edition Blu-ray Gift Set, which includes a Blue Beetle figurine.  Amazon offers digital options to rent or buy ($4.99 and $19.99 respectively) as well as the the DVD (only the film, no bonus features) for $12.96 and the Deluxe Blu-ray Set for $24.99.


Monster Trucks Blu-rayMonster Trucks tells the story of Tripp (Lucas Till), a high school senior desperate to escape the troubles of his fractured family life in North Dakota.  Tripp discovers and befriends a displaced creature (“Creech”) who feeds on oil and helps Tripp make his makeshift monster truck run.  When executives from an oil company put a professional hit out on Creech, the two do everything in their power to reunite Creech with his own family and to protect each other along the way.  In addition to Lucas Till, the film stars Jane Levy (Meredith), Amy Ryan (Cindy Coley), Thomas Lennon (Dr. Dowd), and Rob Lowe (Reece Tenneson).
The film is now available for digital rental and purchase and is on both DVD and Blu-ray Combo Pack.  Along with a digital HD copy of the film (accessible through UltraViolet), the Blu-ray also boasts a selection of extras, including “Who’s Driving the Monster Trucks?” (interview segments with the cast and crew about the production and story), “Creating the Monster Truck” (which focuses on how the production team made Tripp’s vehicle), “The Monster in the Truck” (a featurette on the CG visual effects in select scenes), ten minutes of production diaries, six deleted scenes, and a gag reel.  For a limited time, those who purchase the Blu-ray Combo Pack also receive a pack of collectible Monster Trucks wall decals.  The film is available on Amazon for digital rent/purchase ($4.99/$14.99), the DVD currently goes for $17.99, and the Blu-ray Combo Pack for $19.99.

Headsup: Let’s Have Drinks!

Out now from Paramount Home Media are two titles that show just how funny things can get when people are in their cups…
Office Christmas Party Blu-rayFirst we have Office Christmas Party, the story of a soon-to-close Chicago branch of a tech company which decides to try to land a life-saving client by means of a huge Christmas party that turns out to be a bacchanalian mess.  The film stars Jennifer Anniston as Scrooge-like CEO Carol Vanstone and T.J. Miller as her man-of-the-people brother Clay along with an ensemble cast, including Jason Bateman, Olivia Munn, Kate McKinnon, Rob Corddry, Jillian Bell, Vanessa Bayer, Sam Richardson, Fortune Feistier, and Courtney B. Vance.  The film grossed $114 million worldwide and, while it received mixed reviews from critics, was a welcome piece of lighthearted escapism for many fans.  The film is now out on both Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD, although if you want access to the unrated version (which includes footage not seen in theaters), you’ll have to go with the Blu-ray option.  Bear in mind, the unrated version is only five minutes longer than the theatrical one. Also exclusive to the Blu-ray Combo Pack are some additional bonus features, including commentary on the theatrical version by directors Josh Gordon and Will Speck (who you may recall also joined forces on Blades of Glory), “Throwing an Office Christmas Party” (where the cast and crew discuss real Christmas parties and making the movie), a special named “Outtakes” which is really more like multiple takes of some of the actors improving alternate lines, and five deleted scenes.  The DVD has the theatrical version of the film only.

For those who want to grab it now and not wait for next holiday season, you can rent the HD digital version of the theatrical release on Amazon for $5.99 or purchase it on both Amazon and iTunes for $14.99.  You can also purchase the unrated version digitally on Amazon for $14.99 (for some reason there’s no rental option on that one.)  Another oddity is that (at least at the time of this writing) on Amazon the pricing for the DVD and the Blu-ray are the same at $17.99.  (No idea why on that one, but I would say if you like the extras and the option to have both the theatrical and unrated versions for no extra coin, go ahead and jump on the Blu-ray while you can.)

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Headsup: Historical Fiction


Fans of historical fiction will be excited about the release of two new titles now out on Blu-ray and DVD:


Fences Blu-rayFirst we have the critically-acclaimed film Fences, based on August Wilson’s 1985 stageplay of the same name.  The play won both a Tony Award and a Pulitzer Prize in 1987, and thirty years later the film (adapted for the screen largely by Wilson himself) has continued the winning streak, garnering Oscar, Golden Globe, BAFTA, and SAG awards (among multiple others), most of which are due to the masterful leading performances of Viola Davis and Denzel Washington (Washington also directed the film.)  The story (which was the sixth installment of Wilson’s “Pittsburgh Cycle”) centers around former African American baseball player Troy Maxson as he struggles to redefine his own identity and to make a living for himself and his loved ones in the tumultuous and challenging world of 1950s Pittsburgh.

The film is now out on Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD, and digital HD.  The Blu-ray option not only features the film in both disc and digital form, but also over 30 minutes of bonus material, including “Expanding the Audience: From Stage to Screen” (comments from Denzel Washington, the play’s 2010 Broadway director Kenny Leon, and others about transitioning the story from play to film formats), “The Company of Fences” (which looks at the cast in general, many of whom also appeared in the recent Broadway production), and “Playing the Part: Rose Maxson” (where Viola Davis discusses bringing her role to life), along with “Building Fences: Denzel Washington” and “August Wilson’s Hill District”, two featurettes about the joys and challenges of the film’s production process. Denzel Washington fans will also appreciate  the “bonus bonus” that comes with the Blu-ray option — for a limited time, purchasing this set also gets you a free digital copy of The Manchurian Candidate (be aware that the code does expire in June, so if you go that route make sure you don’t forget to take advantage of it within that window).  Digital HD options are available for both rental and purchase on Amazon and iTunes ($4.99 / $9.99 and $5.99 / $14.99 respectively).  If you want it on disc form (keep in mind the DVD doesn’t include those bonus features), you can grab both on Amazon: the Blu-ray is currently priced at $19.99 and the DVD is $17.99

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Headsup: Stories From Japan

Out this month are three releases of stories from the Land of the Rising Sun:

Sailor Moon Crystal Set 2 Blu-rayFirst we have Sailor Moon Crystal Set 2 (you can see our coverage of Sailor Moon Crystal Set 1 here), which follows the continuing adventures of Usagi as she now must face new foes in the form of the Spectre Sisters  and a mysterious girl with pink hair as they threaten to take the Silver Crystal.  This set contains episodes 15-26 of the rebooted series (the Black Moon Arc) and is available in standard DVD, standard Blu-ray combo, and Limited Edition Blu-ray combo packs.  Both Blu-ray options also have some bonus features, including a digital art gallery, clean opening and ending songs, and an interview with Momoiro Clover Z, the Japanese girls’ group that sings the theme songs for the series.  The Limited Edition set also boasts some additional extras, including an exclusive chipboard box, a 96-page art booklet with episode summaries, and six full-color art cards.  Fans should also be aware that (yes, only one f in the URL) also offered an exclusive Sailor Moon sun catcher with purchase but they were so popular that they’ve already sold out, so if you want that option, keep your eyes peeled on eBay and the like.  On Amazon you can snag the DVD set there for $27.99, the Blu-ray Combo set for $53.98, and the Limited Edition Blu-ray set for $62.19.


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Headsup: Make ’em Laugh


If you’re a fan of the hilarious world of Carol Burnett et al., you’re in luck with two new spring releases from Time Life:

Best Tim Conway DVD
First we have The Carol Burnett Show: The Best of Tim Conway, which includes four episodes (ranging from 1969 to 1978) from the Emmy-winning series highlighting the comedic exploits of timeless funny man Tim Conway.  Conway began as a guest star on The Carol Burnett Show in 1967 and became a regular member of the cast in 1975, remaining until the series’ final season in 1978.  In addition to the five Emmy Awards he won for his work on the show, Conway brought to life some of its most iconic characters and sketches.  This collection’s episodes (three of which have never been previously released) feature his much-loved characters “Oldest Man” and “Mr. Tudball,” in addition to lesser-known (but equally amusing) appearances as an untraditional fairytale prince, a man with canine identity confusion, and the Lone Ranger.  Fans will also be pleased to see that Episode 513 (December 1, 1971) includes the famous Dentist sketch featuring Tim Conway facing off against Harvey Korman as the latter struggles to maintain self-control in the face of Conway’s targeted and epic goofiness.  No special features on this one (which is a shame, since Time Life is pretty great at those), but fans will appreciate the content nonetheless.  The set is scheduled for release on April 4 and is available for pre-order on DVD on Amazon for $12.95.


Mama's Family Favorites DVDNext we have the Carol Burnett Show spinoff Mama’s Family, which originated from “The Family”, one of Burnett’s favorite sketch series on the show which was even made into a TV movie (Eunice) in 1982 before breaking out as its own series.  After a somewhat rocky start (being cancelled after its first season), Mama’s Family was put back on the air in 1986 and enjoyed a successful run (even earning the distinction of being the highest rated sitcom in first-run syndication) until its completion in 1990.  The storyline revolves around homespun Southern matriarch Thelma “Mama” Harper and her somewhat dysfunctional family as they come to a head over weddings, money, education, sex, death, chili recipes, and more.  Now out is Mama’s Family: The Mama’s Family Favorites Collection, which includes 37 complete episodes over six discs selected by the show’s star Vicki Lawrence.  The DVD set (which, like the set above contains only the episodes, no bonus content) is currently available on Amazon for $49.99.  Do be aware that this is not a comprehensive collection; there was a Complete Collection set released in 2014 (which you can currently grab on Amazon for $84.91) that included all 130 episodes plus 12 hours of Time Life’s signature awesome bonus content.  The question, then, is whether you prefer the “Mama’s Favorites”, which gives a good sampling of episodes spread over all six seasons and has a lower price point, or the all-inclusive Complete Collection option for $35 more.  Decisions, decisions!