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Beware: Polaroids of You in the 70s Could Now Be Made Hi-Def

Reddit user Shir_man has posted this video, in which he says he’s used neural networks to “upgrade” the classic Lumière Brothers film L’arrivée d’un train en gare de La Ciotat (translated into English as Oh Look, Train’s Here) to 4K and 60 FPS. (If the YouTube thumbnail didn’t give that last part away.) I tried to find the original resolution and frame rate, but I couldn’t find it documented. I assume it was 0.0001K and 5.5 FPS or something.

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Your Weekend Justice #255: For All the Great Danes Named Hamlet


It’s Weekend Justice: the Internet’s #1 audio trainwreck. This episode is from the archives: recorded in May 2016.


  • Widge finally sees Deadpool
  • The spreading of Megacon and seeing Stan Lee
  • This is back when Widge could remember names, apparently
  • Civil War works…no idea how
  • Killing your Big Bad three times just to make sure
  • The Flash show is up to something
  • Ming-Na Wen on very little sleep
  • Death is a no because time travel (plus contract)
  • Much Legends of Tomorrow chat
  • Also, Agents of SHIELD
  • Ghost Rider: The Sitcom
  • Preacher
  • 12 Monkeys: The Series
  • The uncertain state of Marvel TV shows
  • JJ reports on X-Men: Apocalypse
  • Peter Dinklage in Pixels
  • Women in Star Wars? Saints preserve us!
  • Convincing Chris Evans to keep wielding the shield
  • Out Steve Perrying Steve Perry
  • Rox, cult expert, on The Following
  • Superhero fashion and Jon wants a dance belt
  • Jim Henson’s Game of Thrones
  • The old school HBO logo
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    Pringles: Roasted Turkey Flavor Limited Edition – Review

    The onslaught of limited edition flavors of things never ceases to amuse me. Of course, because I am a sucker for all things limited edition (due to an intense and terminal case of FOMO), I have to try all of them I can. And with Pringles, the reaction has been on a scale from Jamaican Jerk (pretty good but nothing to write home about) to White Chocolate (basically a war crime). Because we are in the Thanksgiving/2nd Halloween season, they’ve now put out a Limited Edition Roasted Turkey flavor.

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    The SpongeBob Musical – Review

    (aka SpongeBob SquarePants: The Musical)

    Touring Company Performance at the Von Braun Center, Huntsville, AL – 1 Nov 2019

    I have never seen an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants. I’m sure many of you are gasping at your screen and calling for an oxygen mask. But hey, there’s a lot to watch these days. Anyway. When I heard that there was an impending Broadway musical based on the cartoon, I was not surprised. The Law of Relative Development was long ago updated to include the fact that everything will one day be a musical, in addition to being a movie, a TV series, a breakfast cereal (and so on and so on). And it’s become clear that not everything is going to be a Lion King and transition to the stage in spectacular fashion.

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    32 Days of Halloween XII, Day 32: The Tradition Continues…

    Night of the Living Dead

    So we’re here: First Halloween at last. And if you’ve been here with us previously, you know what tonight’s pick is. But first, our #TrackoftheDay. This is “The Gonk,” by Herbert Chappell, and quite familiar to fans of both Shaun of the Dead and Dawn of the Dead. It’s a strange song, to be honest, mostly because I can’t entirely figure out what the story behind it is.

    It’s got a sub-title (but only when it’s listed certain places) of “(Seeing & Doing).” What the hell does that mean? Not entirely sure. If you go to the De Wolfe Music Library (where you can license the song), it lists it as “Seeing and Doing Theme Tune.” And there was a Seeing and Doing TV show that started in 1971…but the two clips of it I’ve found online have a completely different tune. No idea.

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