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32 Days of Halloween XII, Day 7: Frankenstein!

Frankenstein (1931)

Out of the starting gates, we go to our #TrackoftheDay. And this time, it’s 1953 and Eartha Kitt with “I Want to Be Evil.” This is a “music video” (or as close as you could get at the time), obviously lip synced on some show with a live audience. And yes, for those of you keeping score, this song came out fourteen years before she took on the role of Catwoman. Talk about a long time to hear back about an audition.

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Craig Ferguson: Hobo Fabulous – Review

Craig Ferguson: Hobo Fabulous

Performance at The Tabernacle, Atlanta, 4 Oct 2019

Thespia brought Craig Ferguson to my attention via his Late Late Show and I quickly realized that this guy was batshit insane. If you’ve been around here for any length of time, you know that I have a great deal of respect for batshit insane people. Especially those that take something like a late night talk show and subvert it for their own amusement. Which, if they’re amused doing it, generally, it becomes infectious and next thing you know you’re laughing your arse off because a panto horse become a recurring character, or a robot skeleton sidekick has been invented.

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32 Days of Halloween XII, Day 5: The Devil-Doll (1936)!

Devil-Doll (1936)

Right out of the starting gate, one of my favorite live albums for Halloween graces us for the #TrackoftheDay. It’s Oingo Boingo’s final concert, Farewell: Live from the Universal Amphitheater. Danny Elfman retired the band because he wanted to focus on film scores but, as I understand it, because he was worried about losing his hearing. I was in a rock band for a brief spell, and even with that small bit under my belt, I get where he’s coming from. That being said, I freaking love Oingo Boingo. So I’d be perfectly willing to support a GoFundMe to buy Elfman some bionic ears. I’m just…putting that idea out in the universe.

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32 Days of Halloween XII, Day 4: The Manster!

The Manster

So we kick off today’s festivities with a classic track…and indeed, a live version of said track. It’s Screamin’ Jay Hawkins with “I Put a Spell on You.” Yes, this is the originator of that song, boys and girls. But this is from ten years after its release, and purports to be the earliest known footage of Hawkins performing this. And I have to say: oh, what I would give to be in that room full of white people and watch them watching this.

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32 Days of Halloween XII, Day 3: Before I Hang!

Boris Karloff in Before I Hang

Our feature film for tonight is 1940’s Before I Hang with Boris Karloff. But before we get there, it’s time for our #TrackoftheDay. This one’s from the Nightmare Revisited album–basically a Nightmare Before Christmas tribute/covers album. Rodrigo y Gabriela started in Mexico before moving to Dublin for several years and now they’re back in Mexico City. They play guitars like they’re trying to test them for fire resistance. Check it out for yourself:

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