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32 Days of Halloween X Begins Here! (Holy Crap!)

Jason X

September 30th is upon us. And you thought it was dead. You thought the stake was in its heart, that you cut off its head and stuffed a Kenny G CD into its mouth…but you should know better. It cannot stay dead. And sooner or later, when you least expect it (despite the fact you own a calendar), it will rise again. Thus: 32 Days of Halloween X. Our tenth year celebrating the best goddamn holiday anywhere. Yes, even better than National Coffee Day. How is that possible, you ask? Because everyday is National Coffee Day. So coffee is a given. Like breathing. Which brings me back to where I started: the thing that should not be, and the thing that doesn’t need to breathe. Namely: this festival.

We begin in a random vein (ha!) with some Oingo Boingo, a band that just feels Halloweeny even when they’re not playing a strictly Halloweeny song…but they are playing it on Halloween. So it all works. Also, I think Danny Elfman is 65% water and 25% Halloween. Anyway, here’s “Clowns of Death” from their Farewell concert back in 1995.


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DragonCon 2017: Better Strap In

Concert Party Band

Dear God, is it that time again? Yes. Yes it is. DragonCon waits in the shadows to pounce you and relieve you of your lunch money once more. Here’s where we’ll be this weekend.

TL/DR NOTE: The Fun Fest is Sunday, September 3rd starting at 8:30pm in Regency V in the Hyatt.

Follow our Needcoffee feed for last minute updates. Where available, everyone’s first mention has their Twitter ID linked up–so feel free to follow folks for their latest weirdness. (Except in cases where they’ve been added to an earlier panel than I first had them–so they’re Twitter-linked on here somewhere. I’m old and lazy.) As always, this list is subject to change without notice or reason or rhyme.

As always, inevitably, there will be formatting and other stupid errors on this schedule. If you find something wrong, just ping me and we’ll get it fixed. DON’T PANIC. Trust me, I’ll tell you when to panic.


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Wonder Woman Box Office: The Numbers That Actually Matter

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Let me say this up front: I thought Gal Gadot was one of the two good parts of Batman v Superman: Yawn of Justice. And I freaking love the movie Wonder Woman. I want them to hand the DC Cinematic Universe off to director Patty Jenkins right now. So I don’t want you to think I’m slamming the film when I say that this article about Wonder Woman breaking the Box Office Domestic Top 5 of All Time is nice, but doesn’t actually mean anything. The reason? They’re talking ticket prices that haven’t been adjusted for inflation. They’re also using…well, I’m not sure what comScore uses because unadjusted, Wonder Woman is currently right behind Frozen at #27.

Unadjusted all-time box office is currently Force Awakens with $936,662,225. However, when you adjust for ticket price inflation, #1 is Gone With the Wind with $1,796,176,700. Granted, Wind has had a number of re-releases to get to that point, but the average ticket price in 1939 when it was released…was $0.23. So if we assume a $10 ticket for Awakens, Wind would have to sell 43 tickets for every 1 ticket that Awakens sold. You see how whatever the unadjusted #1 is…eventually something will come along and unseat it just based on ticket prices alone. That being said, both Awakens and Wind have female protagonists, so the news isn’t all bad.


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Russell Howard: Round the World – Review

Russell Howard

Performance at The Earl, Atlanta, 4 May 2017.

Having seen Russell Howard on Mock the Week, then catching his stand-up and later seeing him host the terrific Good News, it was a no-brainer to go catch him live for $25 while he was in town. For those of you unfamiliar with Howard, he’s what would happen if ADHD manifested itself in human form and was then filmed by a Phantom Camera so it could be slowed down from Tasmanian Devil speed to something you could actually perceive. Because there’s something to be said for seeing comedy in the flesh and the energy at last night’s performance was pretty fantastic.

Helping things were not only the fairly intimate nature of The Earl’s performance venue (with seating in place vs. their usual SRO, there wasn’t really a bad seat there) but also the fact that opening act Dedrick Flynn (unfamiliar with him before now, but damn, the man is funny) opened with a bit to amp up the crowd that Howard apparently liked so much he used it as a refrain for the rest of his act. So Howard leapt in out of the gate and honestly seemed to like the crowd, as he told us he was only supposed to do an hour (not sure why) but he felt much more relaxed and open to chat.


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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: God Forbid a Clementine

James Acaster

Good morning. Welcome to Monday and another week where at any moment the Matrix we’re living inside of could blue screen and kill us all. Worrying about that, though, is pointless. Like stressing over the inevitable heat death of the universe. Or the inevitable return of bell bottoms.

Instead, let us take a few minutes to enjoy the madness of English comedian James Acaster. He is a very sick man, and we respect that.


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Your Weekend Justice #247: We Never Thought This Would Happen to Us, But…

Smokey and the Bandit Snowman Truck

It’s Weekend Justice: the Internet’s #1 audio trainwreck…and holy shit, we’ve worked our way out of the 2015 recording archive and we careen into 2016. Amusingly, at the time of this recording, we still have no idea what a shitshow the year will be. Come join us and remember a kinder, more naive universe.


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