Howdy Folks.


Warning: The post that follows is 96% serious. Our usual irregular silliness will resume very shortly.

Things have been weird around here for the past long while, for which I apologize. I appreciate everyone’s support and patience as I’ve been trying to sift through this madness. Towards the end of last year, I got involved with finalizing a very large project which was finally released in January. Most recently, just as we were trying to get back underway, the back end of the site broke which required some updates and black magic to fix.

In between the two, I started a foundation to fight neurodegenerative diseases. And I did this because my mother died.

That’s her in the picture up there–a picture which proves two things. First, my mother is one of the few people who actually managed to make 70s fashion work for her while it was working against most of the rest of humanity. Second, at one point in the distant past, I may actually have been cute.


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People of DragonCon 2011: You Were Fantastic

Mighty Bill with five pounds of coffee and six pounds of flask

Well, DragonCon 2011 has come and gone and we are still standing. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Thank you to everyone who came out to the 2nd Annual Fun Fest, as well as our various and sundry appearances throughout the con. You guys rock. Not only did you come ready to play for fabulous prizes at the Fun Fest but you showed up at panels ready to party as well. Hell, our Bad Men II panel yesterday was pretty much a full house. That’s a 2:30pm Monday panel, people. Thank you to everybody for coming out and supporting us.

One quick reminder: if you did attend a Need Coffee event and you have the app loaded on your smart device of choice, be sure to go in and rate us. If you like us and want to see us do more at the Con, that’s the way to make it happen. Thanks in advance for doing so.

Be sure to check the Facebook page as we’ll be loading pictures from the mayhem over the next few days. The photo album is here. Kicking us off, though, is friend of Need Coffee and site sponsor Mighty Bill, illustrating in a single picture the three driving forces behind this year’s con for us: coffee, alcohol and being wicked. Seriously, that’s five pounds of Need Coffee DragonCon 2011 blend coffee he’s got there…next to a six pound flask. No lie.

We will return next year, DragonCon. Count on it.

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The Fog of Con Descends

Corn Dogs!

Ladies and germs, we went a little quiet this week as the prep for DragonCon became more and more intense. Now it has sprung upon us like a weevil with a machete and we must Do Battle. For the full schedule, please check that out here. Please watch Needcoffeefeed and myself on Twitter for updates, though the entire crew is no doubt going to be throwing out weirdness throughout the weekend.

Remember: The Fun Fest is TONIGHT at 8:30pm (doors open at 8pm) in the International Ballroom North in the Hyatt. So be there. It will make you happy.

Normal broadcasts will resume after the weekend. Hold the line.

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DragonCon 2011 Schedule Is Live…

Need Coffee Dot Com Fun Fest 2011

The first version of it, anyway. Expect changes, confusion, accusations and huge, smoking craters. Please note: the Fun Fest is Friday night this year in International North in the Hyatt. Doors open at 8pm, party starts at 8:30pm. Many Need Coffee staffers will be conducting their own individual panel madness during the weekend–come out and say hi. We don’t bite. Well, except Scott.

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Google +1 and You

Google Plus One

So you might have noticed that we have a new badge/button/thing on our individual post pages. It’s Google +1 and it’s, in a nutshell, Google‘s response to Facebook’s Like button. I’m posting a video below that has Google’s quick take on it, but the main difference is that with Facebook, your shares and likes and recommends and such show up on your profile. If a friend/compatriot of yours “+1s” something, you’ll see that show up in Google search results.

Anyway, I know we have those buttons and such on posts and I’ve never really explained what they are for in any detail, beyond mentioning them on podcasts and in videos as “a good thing to do.” So here’s the skinnee. This applies to most websites and not just Need Coffee, so if you are socially active on Twitter, Facebook or elsewhere on the net, you might find this of interest. If not, don’t worry–this won’t take long.


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Morbid Whimsy Live: A Trailer

As previously announced, I’m doing a live show June 4th in my hometown. The details are here. The show is called An Evening of Morbid Whimsy, Live. And the question on everyone’s lips is “What is Morbid Whimsy?” I recorded the following to help explain.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Hope to see you there for the live show. Since I know our audience is scattered around the world, even if you’re far the hell away from there, just know you’re invited. I appreciate all of you very muchly.

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An Evening of Morbid Whimsy, Live

Morbid Whimsy Live

You are cordially invited. I wanted to give you all, the million-plus of you being my closest and dearest friends, an invitation to the first official one-man live show I have ever done. I am performing under my stage name so that the entire title of the piece is John A. Robinson: An Evening of Morbid Whimsy, Live.

Granted, I must tell you that the show is set for Saturday, June 4th at 7pm Central Time. It is taking place not in Atlanta but my hometown of Huntsville, Alabama–the place that spawned many of the stories I will be reading for you that night. If it makes you feel any better, it will be at Amendment XXI: a bar. Granted, a bar with a posh upstairs that has a stage…but a bar all the same. The kind that serves alcohol. Yes, I know, even in Alabama.

Even if it weren’t in a bar, I would be compelled to tell you: this show is for mature audiences only. This due to language and subject matter.

For those of you who can make it, the evening’s fare will be some poetry, some spoken word and some prose, fixed together with odd and somewhat amusing bridging stories. All are welcome.

For those of you who are reading this on some other continent or even some other end of this continent, or simply cannot make it: just know you were thought of.

If the show is a success, this may be repeated and in other venues. We shall see.

Thought you’d like to know. Thanks for your indulgence.

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Yes, For the Power Bill

The power bill

Never let it be said we do not listen to our readers. Friend of Need Coffee, Scott White, recently gave a donation to the site via the support page. However, he also said: “This is for the power bill, DO NOT USE IT TO BUY BEER OR PIZZA!”

There you go, Scott. That’s a picture of the power bill you will be helping to fund. Georgia Beer or Georgia Pizza will not receive any of that coin.

Thanks to Scott for his help. The new Support section is online here, where donations can start at 99 cents, or you can roll your own amount (like Scott did) or you can have a subscription for automagic donations.

Let me take this moment to also thank our new sponsors, Isaac and Fleshvine. Sponsorship info can be found here.

It’s people like you that make this insanity possible. Many thanks.

Please Note: that is an actual power bill, I just cropped it so our info isn’t on there.

Please Also Note: Even we have limits. For example, you can’t donate and tell us it’s to go buy a giraffe, cover it with jam and ants and then stage “Dali: The Musical.” Primarily because we’ve already tried that and it was less than successful.

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Weekend Justice Episode 100 Will Be Live

Weekend Justice

This week marks the record and posting of Weekend Justice Episode 100. I know, there’s nobody more startled about this than, well, the Weekend Justice League. To commemorate this…something occasion, we invite you to participate. Do you have a question for the League? Do you have a suggestion? Do you have a mad scheme to take over the world that involves bringing back the giant wombat and using them to overthrow the government? Let us know.

You can call us at 424 – 266 – 0WEJ. That’s (0935) for you people without letters on your phone. Leave us a message.

You can email us at weekend justice at gmail dot com. No spaces in that, obviously. Beyond that, if you can’t translate that into a functional email address, you probably shouldn’t ping us.


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So Long, Gabfest


Alas, all good things must come to an end.

You know, as an aside, I don’t know why we say that. It’s not like bad things don’t come to an end as well.

Regardless, the Gabfest is going away for good. Some of you who aren’t old school Needcoffee readers might not even know what the Gabfest is. A brief history lesson.

The Gabfest is our set of forums. We were running them directly on the site for a long time before the version of UBB we were running got quite out of date (dangerously, insecurely so). We could have upgraded the program but that would have taken money we didn’t have. So we instead opted to move what forum traffic there was to a new Gabfest on the Ning system of networks. Now Ning is moving to a paid model and rather than pay for the service, we’re opting to close the Gabfest down starting July 1st.


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