The Bear Who Loved Vodka: Drink Milk

In a short animated film so cute even Stephen Colbert himself would break down and say "Awww," we learn the true story of Potapych, a bear who dug vodka. In fact, I think he and Doc used to hang together back in the day. Check out the flick here.

Found via Neatorama.

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Red vs. Blue vs. Zombies: A Tasty Flesh Bottleneck

The latest PSA from the sick geniuses as Red vs. Blue encourages you: have your zombie plan. Know your zombie plan.

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Death Needs a Holiday

The Mexican Red Cross gives Death a run for his money in this amusing animated bit. Hopefully, he won't quit his day job. Oh, wait--

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Found via Cartoon Brew thanks to Capt D.

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Need For a Serious Road Trip: The Ghibli Museum

I love the hell out of Disneyworld, and Disney has a spotty record for bringing the world cinematic joy. I imagine I would never want to leave the Ghibli Museum, where Hayao Miyazaki and his studio have all manner of coolness relating to the worlds they've created.

For a full hub of linkyness, including pics like the catbus (pictured), Ghibli's own brand of beer, and a Ghibli DVD player (nice), check out Gridskipper.

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The Forest in Winter: Presenting This to You and District Areas

I could have sworn I posted this the first time it made the rounds. Maybe I was too full up on Chimzts. Anyway, if you'll excuse me, the comment on our previous post about being high? I meant that question to go with this one. Whoops.

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Plastic Man Pilot: The Pliable Paladin!

This new pilot for Cartoon Network features Plastic Man taking on the Human Puddle. Looks they should have gone a little bit more Kyle Baker and a little bit less John K. But maybe that's just me.

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Pointed out to us by David Gallaher.
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Timer: Hanker For a Hunk of Cheese

What's really scary is that the moment it started to play I remembered what this was.

Is this the reason why kids today are too fat? Because they don't have Timer?

Found via Mark Evanier.

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Bambi Meets Godzilla

Possibly the most important animated short ever made.

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Pixar: For the Birds

"For the Birds", the short film that appeared in front of Monsters, Inc.

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When I Drop a Fairy...!

Oh God, I'm going to hell for laughing at this Robot Chicken bit. I am so going right to hell with Leary and Scorsese for laughing. I'm on the bus, I've bought my ticket, no transfers. Let's go. Right to hell. Let's go.

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