Happy Birthday, Weird Al!

Weird Al Yankovic and friend

I have no idea what the hell is happening in this video. And neither, I’m fairly certain, does Al. But he’s working it, whatever it is.

(Note: The video has been blocked. Oh well. It was pretty damn brilliant. It was Weird Al performing Eat It on Japanese television. If anybody finds it again, please let me know.)

Were those sumo dancers doing part of the Thriller dance? And did it turn into a David Cronenberg movie at the end?

Anyway, happy birthday, Mr. Yankovic. You rock, sir.

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Mel Blanc, This Is Your Life

Misce-Looney-ous is right: for those who are familiar with Mel Blanc‘s career, there’s not a lot of new information that’s provided here. But it’s still pretty cool to see any tribute to the man. Here’s the full episode, smashed into a single playlist for your dancing and dining pleasure.

I wonder who owns the rights to these old shows. You’d think we’d start to see them trotted on DVD, at least in Best-of compilations.

Update: Sadly, the video has been taken down. If anybody finds an online copy, please let me know and I’ll update this. I say again, somebody put this out on DVD. We’d buy it!


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At Last, Doctor Parnassus Has a Trailer

Friend of Needcoffee Terry Gilliam has a new film in the works, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Soon it will overcome all obstacles and blast onto cinema screens everywhere. We earnestly hope. In the meantime, a trailer has been released to the wild via The Imaginarium of Doctor Plume, aka Quick Stop Entertainment.

Update: Of course, they’ve taken down the trailer. Free advertising for a film? Madness!

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Welcome Back Carlin

I know we’ve got a lot of George Carlin these days, but I don’t think we’re offending anybody. Except Fred Phelps. And we know he can’t actually read, so it’s all good. Here’s Carlin’s guest appearance from Welcome Back Kotter from February 17, 1977. This is off the second season, which is not available on DVD yet.

And a quick note: I know the episode looks like it’s turning into a lobster bucket, but relax, that’s all good too.

Update: Sadly, this has been taken down. If anybody finds it again, please let me know.

Found via Classic Television Showbiz.


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Happy Birthday, Ray Davies

The lead singer of The Kinks, now solo, and actually looking pretty good for 64. A very recent performance from his latest album up top. And after the break, a performance with The Kinks from 1967.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

If you want the new album, you can snag that here. Or of course, the classic Kinks stuff is here. Or I stuck the MP3 sampler down at the bottom of the post. And before that, another classic live bit. Just because.

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