Coffee Art: Now You’re Painting With Caffeine

Andrew Saur and Angel Sarkela-Saur paint with coffee, using it as a basis for watercolors. It’s pretty cool stuff and definitely a medium that we can get behind. That’s part of a self-portrait of Andrew there, which sort of reminds me of me before my caffeine tolerance level became ridiculous.

I admire their restraint. Around here, we’d have finished off the pot before you could even get a brush ready.

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Panama Creates World’s First Weapon of Mass Caffeination

Giant Coffee Mug from Panama

That’s right, Cafe Duran in Panama has created a 750 gallon cup of coffee.

This size will soon be available at your local 7-Eleven or QuikTrip for the low, low price of $1.29. Throw in an extra two bits and you could walk away with a donut, too.

Or…could this be the Non-Euclidean size the prophecies (or at least the previous post) foretold? Make peace with your gods.

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Why the Starbucks in Arkham Has No Drive-Thru

Starspawn Coffee mug

Because sucking down one of these while in the car is highly inadvisable. Although they do offer three sizes just like a regular Starbucks. Instead of Tall, Grande and Venti, you can have your coffee either Eldritch, Chthonic, or the mack daddy Non-Euclidean. They also have a very Short version called a Gibbous, but you have to ask for that special now–it’s no longer listed on the menu.

Mug found via Dagon Industries.


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Starbucks: Today Stores, Tomorrow Vending Machines, Then… Implants!

Starbucks vending machine

Well, if you know any Starbucks conspiracy believers, you might want to give them a nice hug before you tell them about this. Because the coffee equivalent of Skynet is going to start selling their stuff out of vending machines:

Unlike any other coffee vending experiences in the market, the Starbucks vending platform utilizes proprietary heat-on-demand technology, developed by PepsiCo, which will offer customers yet another convenient way to enjoy Starbucks on-the-go.

Hell, you can sell everything else out of vending machines: anything from iPods to acne medication. So why not?

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We Love Living in the Future

Gizmodo has the skinnee on this design project, which won second place in a contest to see how the “coffee rituals of today might evolve and fit into future lifestyles.”

The result? A coffee machine that fits into the middle console of your car. Where the hell do we sign? “Wavey-wave, Starbucks, I’m making my own this morning! Later!” Bring that noise. Thijs van Cuyk and Lavrans Laading of the Netherlands–we salute you.

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They Serve Coffee! The People They Serve Coffee to…Get Up and Serve Coffee!

Undead Starbucks Barista

Personally, I have no problem with Starbucks. While I love me some indie coffee, I’m an equal opportunity coffee purchaser. “Oh, you have coffee? I love you. What was this place’s name again? Who am I?”

Still, it’s funny as shit to see an indie coffee’s folks dressing up as zombie Starbucks employees. Absolutely brilliant. I have yet to see somebody take me up on my zombie Smurf idea, but this will do in a pinch.

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