Arsenic and Old Lace - DreamCast

To learn more about this, we suggest checking out the DVD of the original, available here. Or if you just want the original play, that's here.

Also, in reviewing this to port it to the new version of the site, I thought I was satisfied with the cast. Then Cosette threw doubt on my Mortimer choice...and it all unraveled from there. So there I went and moved the majority to the Ultimate side of the house. Then that meant we needed a new Mortimer--and she nailed the new one. So that's why we're here. Let's proceed.


Role DreamCast Ultimate DreamCast

Mortimer Brewster Simon Pegg Tom Hanks, circa Apollo 13
Jonathan Brewster Jeremy Irons Boris Karloff, circa 1941
Dr. Einstein Billy Crystal Peter Lorre
Abby Brewster Joan Plowright Joan Plowright
Martha Brewster Maggie Smith Maggie Smith
Teddy Brewster Nathan Lane Mel Blanc
Elaine Harper Amy Adams Audrey Hepburn, circa Charade
Officer O'Hara Dylan Moran Spike Milligan, late 60s
Mr. Witherspoon J. K. Simmons James Whitmore, early 70s
Lt. Rooney Brian Doyle-Murray Ron Carey, circa History of the World
Directed by Frank Oz Frank Capra

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Watchmen: The DreamCast (Slightly Updated)

Watchmen book cover art

So, reworking the DreamCasts, we do see that Watchmen is rather popular. Go figure. The actual film is about to happen--lawsuit behind us, everybody happy--so it makes sense to revisit this thing...about ten years after we first worked it up. And sadly, it's woefully out of date. Both our Nite Owls have left us, for example. And the actors we had in mind have aged...hell, it's been around a decade since we first did this thing. So we're not going to do a regular DreamCast--this close in to the actual film, it doesn't make sense.

Instead, we're going to go the Ultimate DreamCast route--where we cast the thing as we would have on hand if we could go to any time period and, like some kind of casting version of The Monitor from Crisis on Infinite Earths, pluck any actor from any point in the timestream. So in that vein, we've taken our original Watchmen cast and reworked it a bit.

So, as always, if you haven't read the original graphic novel, you might want to go no further--because there will be spoilers. And if you haven't, click over to Amazon and buy it.

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DreamCast: Law & Order: London

Law and Order: London

Law & Order: London (or Law & Order: UK as we've also seen it called--since LOU is a less unfortunate acronym than LOL) airs in the spring with thirteen episodes. Can't wait to see it, with Bradley Walsh (Coronation Street), Jamie Bamber (Hornblower), Harriet Walter (crapload of TV and theatre and Christopher Lee's cool would it be to have an "Uncle Chris" like that), Ben Daniels (Beautiful Thing), Freema Agyeman (Doctor Who) and Bill Paterson (Traffik).

I know the first series has probably long since ceased production--and I have no idea who they have as the guest stars for each episode--but if it goes to a second series, we thought they could use some suggestions for who should appear.

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I Am Legend Dreamcast Mark II

Forget the Will Smith verison. This one's directed by Ridley Scott and starring Mel Gibson, Michael Ironside, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Abigail Breslin & Thora Birch.

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Good Omens Dreamcast Mark II - The Explanation

Why Good Omens? Packed with nine essential vitamins and Gaiman and Pratchett's trademark twisted whimsy, it's a Brit humor cornucopia.

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Good Omens Dreamcast Mark II

We're starting with what it is, without a doubt, our most popular DreamCast ever: the Terry Gilliam-directed adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett's classic "What if Monty Python did The Omen?" novel, Good Omens.

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