Category - Food

Batter Blaster

What happens when you take the same principle behind Cheez Whiz and apply it to pancakes? You get Batter Blaster, where you apparently can just shake the aerosol can, point it at your...

Mars Needs Sushi

This Enjoy! Sushi product appears to be a train wreck of various concepts. Sort of like the "You got your chocolate in my peanut butter/You got your peanut butter in my chocolate"...

Monster Cupcakes!

Wisdom of the Moon gives some great ideas for how to make Monster Cupcakes! Because any excuse to make cupcakes is a good excuse, and it is Halloweentime after all.

The Art of the Sandwich

Ah, the simplicity of the of the sandwich. Two pieces of bread, some meat, cheese, and other assorted foodstuff and you have a meal.

RIP: Bawls Mints

Evil Mad Scientist Labs makes mention that Bawls Mints have gone the way of all flesh, only to be replaced by Bawls Buzz, which apparently has a different formulation that they find...