Japan Has Kit Kats of Many Colors and Flavors

One thing you have to give the Japanese credit for: they'll experiment with some crazy flavors of things. Slashfood points out that Kit Kats have exploded over there.

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Fast Food Adverts: They Fight Reality, Reality Always Wins

The West Virginia Surf Report is taking the pics of fast food items as they appear in advertising and putting them side by side with what they look like when actually purchased. No doubt the fast food PR flaks are preparing to tell us that exposure to our grubby little hands makes the sandwiches look like they've been deflated.

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Lost Candy From My Misspent Youth

You know what I miss? Marathon Bars. And I'm not talking about what was sold in the UK and eventually renamed Snickers, I'm talking about these. And no, I don't remember the commercials (and, sadly, nobody seems to have posted one online anywhere where I could find it), but I do remember those were some damn fine candy bars.

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How Pancakes Are Like Heroin: It's a Jim Gaffigan Routine Gone Horribly Wrong

Here's something fairly disturbing: making pancakes in the style of preparing heroin. Probably not coming soon to your local IHOP.

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Pimp That Snack: The Creme Egg That Ate Toledo

I don't know why the maniacs who post at Pimp My Snack amuse me so. Maybe it's just because they truly embody the principle "Nothing exceeds like excess."

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After This Candy, Your Kids Will Beg For Broccoli

Over at Cotton and Sand, they've turned their twisted headspace into a candy factory from hell. Sure, the idea of Seafood Gumbo Reese's Cups is extremely nasty (but we can't prosecute them for that!), but you start to get to true genius when they reveal the Hershey's Breast Milk Chocolate:

...we can either choose to merely suckle at the teat of life or dive headfirst into the cleavage of this world and let it knock us around with its giant breasts and enjoy the ride.

Uh-oh. I just woke up B-Naut.

Found via Neatorama.

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Helms Deep in Candy: The Big Fat Sweet Sweet Sugary Kill

Helms Deep in candy

This is insane. I mean truly certifiable. Somebody went and recreated the battle of Helms Deep in candy. Gummy Bear orcs, Tootsie Pop siege engines, and blood and carnage provided by red Nerds and licorice rope.

And finally, just like he said he would, Gandalf comes to the rescue. If you look closely you can see him with a wizard's staff just wrecking shit in the middle of orcs who are getting fucking pwnt. Pwnt is Ent-speak for owned.

Pure tooth-rotting genius. Plenty of pics for you to marvel at here.

Found via Boing Boing.

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Popcorn Now Available in Spicy Brains Flavor!

Orville Redenbacher was CG-resurrected for a new popcorn ad. It aired on the Golden Globes so maybe it's on YouTube, but I'm sure as hell not going to go looking for it.

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Carrie: The Cake of Endless Wonder That No One Will Claim!

Carrie Cake

Mark Frauenfelder, one of the head BoingBoingologists and author of The World's Worst, went to the Bazaar Bizarre craft show in December and took a pic of the cake that all the Constant Readers of this site will want for their next birthday.

For the full pic and more, check it out here. Mark posted it to Boing Boing here.

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Blair's 2006 Halloween Reserve Hot Sauce

Well, I'm not too sad about having missed out on the 299 limited edition numbered bits of Blair's 2006 Halloween Reserve Hot Sauce. Topped off with a skull and some lovely orange wax, it's a little too hot for me, mind you.

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