Black Phoenix Puts Sherlock Holmes On The Right Scent

221B Baker Street Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

The Great Detective, Sherlock Holmes, must be one of the most scrutinized characters in fiction. Appropriate for someone who excels in observation and analysis. Study of the residents of 221B Baker Street and dissecting their stories is known as the Sherlockian game or more simply The Great Game. People regularly debate the location of Watson's Afghan war wound (leg or shoulder) and Watson's first name (John or James). Many have tried to determine Sherlock's lineage, his university, and even his sexual preference. No detail is too minute for scrutiny. Since I have been writing about Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab a lot, something occurred to me. There seems to be a major aspect of speculation missing: what did Sherlock Holmes smell like?

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Relieve Your Christmas Anxiety with Black Phoenix

Krampus: Black Phoenix 2014

Ah Christmas (or alternative winter festival of your choice) time. An occasion where all are united in that most special and glorious of emotions: Fear.

You thought I was going to say joy or happiness, didn't you? Now, joy is there, don't get me wrong. But if we are honest with ourselves, Christmas is almost as scary as Halloween. Think about it. As a kid, you were terrified that Santa would judge you as naughty and what's worse, now kids have to worry about that fucking Elf On A Shelf. Seriously, why don't they just make the Sugar CCTV Fairy? As an adult, you fear forgetting getting a gift for someone or getting the wrong gift. You're afraid of what the holiday season is doing to your bank balance and credit rating. You're afraid that your aunt will get drunk and try to molest you or your uncle will argue that Obama is a atheist Muslim lizard Illuminatus or whatever he picked up from talk radio.

As always, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is here to help you embrace the festive fear instead of being overwhelmed by it with aromatic perfumes that will help you face your fears and permit it to pass over you and through you. Only you will remain. Well, you and the extra pounds would get from the Christmas spread but you can deal with that in the New Year. But at least you'll smell nice!

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Fight Christmas Creep With Halloween BPAL Scents

At dawn on November 1st, an explosion goes off in stores across America. Not a chemical or nuclear bomb: a festive bomb. Yes, retailers in their greed and desperation start those jingles and deck the aisles with holly, mistletoe, and every bit of Christmas crap their perverse consumer product researchers can envision. I don't care what the "official" story is, The Elf On The Shelf was imagined by a toy executive after a 72-hour Hunter S. Thompson-inspired drug and hooker binge. This holiday madness has overrun Thanksgiving or The Day Before Black Friday (or Mauve Thursday or whatever the hell it's called). It is only the dark occult power of Halloween that has stopped its advance. Speaking of Halloween, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab gives you the scented tools to grab a little territory from the Kringle-Industrial Complex. Follow us as we peruse the aromatic armory from Black Phoenix. Because Halloween is always in our hearts. It can also be in our noses.

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Black Phoenix Brings Clive Barker Into Their Dark Embrace

Clive Barker: Forbidden by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is constantly adding new material into their array of "scent adaptations." And considering they've brought you their interpretations of the likes of H.P. Lovecraft and Neil Gaiman, adding Clive Barker to their stable only makes sense, really.

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A Unique Warcraft-Style Avatar Cosplay Opportunity

Love and Warcraft Monster Design

What gaming cosplayer wouldn't want to have a real-life replica of their avatar look to strut around in? Created by professionals? Well, they're in luck. The Tony Award-Winning Alliance Theatre's recent production of In Love and Warcraft was about a girl living in both her real life and her online gaming life. For the production, the costume shop created some amazing real-life avatars, designed by Lex Liang. Due to a lack of storage for these sizeable costumes, the Alliance is announcing a rare sale of these pieces from their Atlanta-based shop. For questions and purchase information, please contact Alliance Costume Shop manager Carol Hammond at [email protected] Here are the details:

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"That is Google Glass on My Face."

When Google Glass first appeared, I found myself wondering, "Now what the hell is that for?" This after being convinced by two or three people that it was not, in fact, an attempt at sexy Borg cosplay. But as skeptical as I am of new technology, I have learned the hard way to [...]

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A Delayed Christmas BPAL Post Because Krampus

Krampus from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

So you may be wondering why the post about the Yule perfumes from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is showing up after Christmas. Well, I was experimenting with some new search algorithms from Miskatonic University's Computer Science Department to see if it would improve the hook up app, Grindr. I don't know if it was the arcane interaction with the GPS or the time of the year, but somehow I summoned Krampus, the dark demonic beast and punisher of bratty children at Christmastime. There he was with his whip and switch in hand, looking me over, and answered the question I asked last year, "Yes, I am single." He then asked his own question: "Your place or mine?"

So yeah, I hooked up with Krampus. I mean, it's not every day you have lots and lots of sex with an anthropomorphic avatar. And well, Krampus is insatiable. First, we

[Widge's Note: I've had to trim six paragraphs and three diagrams from the article at this point. You're welcome.]

then lastly, we cleaned up all the whipped cream and exchanged phone numbers. So since I've had time to recover, here are the scents to brighten your holiday season.

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Headsup: A Movie About a Fake Movie and Other Such Nebulous Bits of Reality

Argo Extended Edition Blu-Ray

There's a lot of stuff that comes out all the time, and the companies are want your attention and mostly...your coin. But, you know, it's your coin and you have to take care where you spend it. With these posts we try to take you through recent releases so you can make up your mind. If you find the info here to be of use, do us a favor and purchase stuff from Amazon through us. Especially if you were going to buy the stuff anyway. That gives us kickbacks, which help pay for things. Like the server. And coffee. And therapy. We thank you.

As is the case with most breakout Best Picture box office successes, Warner Brothers goes back to the well and returns with Argo: The Declassified Extended Edition in its bucket. First bit of good news: from what I can tell, all the bonus bits from the original Blu-Ray release are here: picture-in-picture video additions, the audio commentary, a TV docu from 2005 and other featurettes. What do you get that's new? Well, as part of the packaging, you get a mini-poster for the fake film, a 64-page book, a map and a replica ID badge. On the discs themselves, you get the aforementioned "extended" version of the film. about ten minutes. There's also a few other special features, including more interviews, a focus featurette on Affleck as a director, a cast discussion, a chat with the real Tony Mendez and others. All of which feel like miniature versions of what you would actually want from such things. The main question is: if you've already dipped, would you want to go again? Well, it depends on how much you love the film. As for me, I would find myself content with renting this version from somewhere, taking in the additional stuff and then taking it back. If you haven't already purchased, a new version of the original Blu-Ray is going for as low as $4.50. So a $30 increase to get the stuff on here? Pretty much a non-starter. (Click here to buy it from Amazon.)

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Liszt's Music Gets The Black Phoenix Treatment

Miskatonic Valley Philharmonic logo
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab has quite a reputation of turning pantheons, poetry, and pop culture into remarkable scents. But one area seems to have missed this fragrant treatment: music. But now through a collaboration with the Miskatonic Valley Philharmonic, Black Phoenix has made an accompanying perfume line with an opening performance featuring the innovative (and morbid) composer, Franz Liszt.

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Headsup: Roasting Celebrities With Dino

Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts Complete Collection

Ah, the roast. The comedic tribute to someone doing honor to them by trying to tear down them and everyone around them. Normally it's all done in fun, so nobody gets seriously offended. You've probably seen the Comedy Central Roasts of people like William Shatner, Joan Rivers and James Franco. Before the more bawdy and off the chart comments of those programs, we had the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts. They were more restrained on profanity and blue-ness, but wilder in other ways. More on that in a moment.

The main thing here is that StarVista, the people who brought you that massive Carol Burnett set most recently, have turned their eye to Martin's mayhem and released the Complete Collection. It's fifty-four unedited roasts across twenty-five (count em) DVDs. It's ginormous, but it's worth considering because this is TV history here, folks.

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