Your Mental Sorbet: Is This Thing Still On?

Clyde and Clem's Whiskey Business

Howdy folks. Did you miss us? More on where we've been shortly. In the meantime, as a matter of testing the works, I give you something for your Monday. The band is Clyde and Clem's Whiskey Business and they perform bluegrass that is both twisted and wrong. All you need to know is that the song in question is "The Ballad of Ed Gein." And that I wish I had found a good quality audio live version of this but couldn't locate one. And finally... that we've been back for all of five minutes and we're already very, very sorry.

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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: Welcome to Biology, People

Reggie Watts: Teach: Science

It's been a while since we've done one of these, but...well, this just cries out for it. Reggie Watts is a very disturbed man. But I cannot stop watching his mayhem. First up, the premiere episode of Teach, in which, to some of you, he sounds like he's spouting gibberish. However, if you, like me, attended schools in Alabama...well, let's just say with this video I learned a lot. He also says it with such conviction that even Rox herself would no doubt be impressed.

Afterwards, we have a snippet of the Sky Atlantic show Set List, in which comedians have topics thrown at them and have to improv a bit on the spot. Watts' performance is...nothing short of epic. Enjoy.

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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: Yodeler, Raised By Chickens

When we have the time and the content, we like to give you something that makes your week start off with a "...Wait, what?" In this case, the artist's name is Takeo Ischi (I've also seen it spelled "Ishi"). He is apparently, as the man says during the song, "A Yodelmeister." And my assumption is he's yodeling about chickens, because otherwise he's having a nervous breakdown during the chorus. Why he hasn't been used for some sort of gonzo marketing campaign for KFC, I have no idea. Anyway, watch the video after the break.
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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: Fun With Vintage Beer Ads

Rheingold Extra Dry Beer Keg Zeppelin

Was talking this weekend about the legacy of the Mental Sorbet, the feature in which we try to give you something odd, wonderful or both to kick start your work week. I was told by my drinking buddy Big Dub that he missed the feature. We haven't been doing them just because of time restrictions and, though we enjoyed them, they just didn't spawn a lot of traffic. So if you enjoy these, throw some traffic this way and maybe we can bring it back semi-regularly. Regardless, this week it's dedicated to mad alcohol alchemist Big Dub. Enjoy.

Given that as a launching spot, it seemed like a no-brainer to explore some fine examples of vintage beer commercials. The most obvious example is Fred and Barney shilling for Busch beer...but we've already posted that. So we had to get slightly more creative. Slightly.

We begin with this: how do you know you're pretty damn lazy? When the selling point for you is that the beer has a handy dandy handle. I guess portability technology was new back in 1960.
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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: David Lynch Presents The Tom & Jerry Movie

Mouse drumming in hell

Each week we like to lead off with something that makes your head spin around. A little disorientation, our researchers have found, helps with the ability to make it through the work week relatively intact.

So The Daily What states this is a Keyboard Cat video directed by David Lynch. I'll take it one further--this is the lost demo reel for The Tom & Jerry Movie, directed by Lynch. At the end of the film, because they have been so mean to each other and so wantonly destructive of property, they are condemned to an entire of being the backing band for a bad Slim Pickens impersonator who sings for an audience of damned children.

P.S. I'd like to also point out that the first video that comes up on YouTube for me after watching this is of an exorcism.'s smarter than you think it is.
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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: Alan Moore and Glycon

Alan Moore, worshipper of Glycon

Each week we like to kick things off with something to either spark your mind or reduce it to a fine powder. Choosing this one is also fraught with additional weight in that, really, it could be considered the Sorbet for the entire year, 2012. So--perhaps in an effort to show that 2012 is going to be different in many ways, but the same in others--we're going with something audio instead of video and something short and profound instead of longer and sillier. The part that's the same? It's the mad, awesome Alan Moore we turn to. Of course we do.
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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: N.16, Prepare to Be Vaporized

Hot Chips

Each week we like to give you something to start things off right. Or wrong. Depending on which way the wind is blowing. This week, it's true that a lot of people are still off work due to the Christmas holiday. However, many people worldwide are still grinding away at their respective day jobs. This bud's for you.

We kick off the week with a brief intro that's stated to be for an Australia drive-in from 1968. It is the epitome of retro gold.

The first thing that strikes me about this is that even though this seems to be legit and from Australia, the narrator sounds like the South Park guys doing their "Announcer Guy" voice, know what I mean?
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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: You Are Her Lucky Star

Jabberjaw on Ice

Every Monday we like to start off your week with something. A very special kind of something--it either is designed to make your brain spin or make your brain get very, very numb and quiet with unnameable dread. Whichever approach you need to face your work week, we like to help as best we can.

And not that we're trying to follow any sort of "on ice" theme (see last week), but after finding this on Everything is Terrible, how could we resist? It's from 1978: Hanna-Barbera's All-Star Comedy Ice Revue. In attendance is a crapload of Hanna-Barbera characters, including the forgotten Banana Splits and The Hair Bear Bunch. Hosting the madness? Roy Clark of Hee-Haw and Bonnie Franklin of One Day at a Time.

Between Clark's outfit, an inexplicable exercise-on-ice routine, Jabberjaw vs. Franklin, and a bizarre Hong Kong Phooey bit that will be surpassed only by the upcoming feature is definitely on the numbing side of the house. Enjoy.
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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: Aliens on Ice

Aliens on Ice

Every Monday when the content warrants it, we like to share something special to start off your week. Some little pinprick of madness to either excite your brain into motion or incite your brain into a semi-comatose state--whichever way you can best get through the week to come. This time our friend Mim sent over the following: Aliens on Ice.

It's long been a running gag that you can take just about anything and add "On Ice" to the end of the title and make it ridiculous and wrong. This has been, however, largely a theory. However, the Dramatologists at The Old Murder House Theatre out of Austin, Texas, were not content with mere theory and decided to stage the film Aliens live on ice skates. This is utterly mental, as the video will attest. Credit where credit is due, though: love the alien helmets on the skaters up top. Previous productions have apparently included Robocop: Live!

For more info on their particular group psychosis, check out their Facebook page.
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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: Be His Guest, Pussycat

Herman Munster PSA

Some weeks you just need something to jump start your brain. Or jump stop it, either way. Here in the States, we're coming off of Thanksgiving, so we need a Mental Sorbet more than ever. When we find the content that warrants it, we throw it to you here to get your week started off right. Or wrong. It's in the eye of the beholder, really.

Speaking of which: behold this, pussycat. Fred Gwynne appears as Herman Munster in what looks to be a deodorant commercial crossed with a monster beach party movie. Then it goes straight into odd PSAs-ville. I'm just telling it like it is, man.
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