Ash Williams, Captain Supermarket

Captain Supermarket poster snippet

Okay, I can believe that Army of Darkness is known in Japan as Captain Supermarket. That I can buy.

But check out the full poster up on The Manchester Morgue. Are you serious? Massive cans of Bruce Campbell soup being menaced by a skeleton arm? Is that a giant neon twizzler in the background? What’s up with the dolphins? And the army of multi-colored toothbrushes and (what seem to be, anyway) bits of plasticware?

No, really. Are you serious? This might just be the gaudiest poster I have ever wanted in my life. And yes, that includes my stint during the 80s where I actually enjoyed colors.


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How to Improve The Mist Trailer

Stephen King‘s novella, “The Mist” (which appeared in Skeleton Crew), is finally hitting the big screen thanks to Frank Darabont. The good news is that the cast looks great. The bad news is that the trailer isn’t going to do jack crap as far as getting butts in seats. And it gives way too much about the movie away.

Take a look, then I’ll give you my version of a teaser trailer after the jump.

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Mary Lambert on Village of the Damned

Mary Lambert, director of things such as Pet Sematary, delivers commentary on today’s Trailer From Hell, for Village of the Damned. This is especially worth listening to because it gives you insight into how Mary turned out the way she did, what with her choice of childhood role model and all…

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Marx Brothers Funny Both Backwards and Forwards

Gotta love the internet. Mark Evanier posted the clip below on his blog, where the boys have their words reversed so it can sound like a foreign language. He was wondering what in the world they actually said.

Less than nine hours later, somebody not only reversed the speech bits but then put them back in the right places so they could be truly played forwards. Then it was up on YouTube.

Update: The original clip is gone, but somebody’s combined the two, so that’s what you’ve got coming up…here:

Nothing earth shattering like “Paul is Dead” or anything, but still. Gotta love it.

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Voltron Film News: But… They’re Still Gonna Kill Sven, Right?


Since Transformers was a hit, many more 1980s cartoons are getting Live Action retrofits drenched in CGI and just a bit of the explody.

According to Variety, the latest candidate for the treatment is Voltron: Defender of the Universe. New Regency appears to fancy the Lion Version (because it seems the prospect of bringing the vehicle team to a cinema near you may trigger unintended Wing Commander flashbacks).

The flick will move the action to (what else?) a post-apocalyptic Earth, where five survivors of said apocalypse will stumble upon the Lions, and attempt to use them to fend off an invading alien race. And yes–I’m sure someone will form the head.


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Trailers From Hell: Directors vs. Classic Trailers

Oh my, this is genius. Joe Dante has apparently taken it upon himself to bring together classic movie trailers and get directors (mostly directors, Sam Hamm is in there too and I think he’s a scribe/producer) to provide commentary over them. Sure, the length of the trailers make everything short but sweet but still–we love vintage movie trailers, so it’s cool to have a site devoted to them.

Here’s Dante discussing the joyously bad Robot Monster:

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Found via Boing Boing.


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Milka Duno: Meet Gearbox From the Speed Racer Movie

Milka Duno

Milka Duno, who apparently is a real-life racer (but who drives the #23 CITGO Honda Dallara IndyCar instead of, say, something like the Mach 5), is headed to Berlin to play the role of Gearbox in the live action Speed Racer movie. The Brothers Wachowski are writing and directing, with Joel Silver producing.

It would be uncommonly cruel of me to remind all Speed fans that those three folks were the same people that crushed the hopes of a generation with The Matrix Revolutions, so I will refrain from mentioning that.

Anyway, I have no idea who Gearbox is in the whole pantheon of characters. Maybe a more savvy Speed fan can let me know. It must not be too big a part, though, because she’ll be shooting for a week and then returning to the States.


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