The RIAA Would Like a Word With You

McSweeney’s has published a “letter from the RIAA” basically outlining, in plain English, how they plan to pulverize you and use the dust of your bones as an additive for their next round of Darjeeling tea. Here’s a snippet:

The Recording Industry Association of America has enriched your life through music since you were a baby. But now you betray us? We will destroy you. This is your notice that you will be sued for one of the following:

1. Downloading a song from the Internet.

2. Singing the “Happy Birthday” song.

3. Other.

4. None of the above.

Genius. Read the whole thing. Found via Torrent Freak.

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The Quarrymen: Meet the Proto-Beatles

I Am Fuel, You Are Friends has posted a nifty array of Quarrymen MP3s. For those unaware, The Quarrymen would eventually leave water, lose their gills, learn to live on land, kill a bunch of mastodon and evolve into The Beatles. Mayhap you have heard of them.

The whole story can be found on her site as well, although perhaps in a more understandable form, so go check it out.

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Album Review: Josef K – Entomology

Label: Domino Records

Josef K, named after a Kafka character, were a terrific Scottish band of the early 80s who wore their misery and angst on their sleeves. Their music is reminiscent of that weird kid at school who made everone knuckle under with a darting stare or a few phrases.

Josef K were a dark lot who created solid art pop records in the vein of Magazine, Televison or the Velvet Underground. They had attitude, spite and a keen sense of pop melody that Devo would kill for. Although they initially seemed to be a brief blip on the UK pop scene at the time, in retrospect they were massively important.


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