Beastie Boys: American Rock n Roll

So as B-Naut and I were trawling through the Check the Cool Wax site, he came across this. My eyes jumped out of their sockets to their deaths.

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The RIAA Would Like a Word With You

McSweeney's has published a "letter from the RIAA" basically outlining, in plain English, how they plan to pulverize you and use the dust of your bones as an additive for their next round of Darjeeling tea.

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The Quarrymen: Meet the Proto-Beatles

I Am Fuel, You Are Friends has posted a nifty array of Quarrymen MP3s. For those unaware, The Quarrymen would eventually leave water, lose their gills, learn to live on land, kill a bunch of mastodon and evolve into The Beatles. Mayhap you have heard of them.

The whole story can be found on her site as well, although perhaps in a more understandable form, so go check it out.

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Listen. Get This: Ministry Motor Oil

Yes, you're looking at a thing of motor oil that was used back in 1991 to promote Ministry's classic, "Jesus Built My Hotrod." It's on eBay from WFMU. And amazingly, as I write this: no bids.

I'm tempted to bid, myself. That song helped me get through college. Is that sad? This is all very sad, isn't it?

Found via Beware of the Blog.

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Album Review: Josef K - Entomology

Label: Domino Records

Josef K, named after a Kafka character, were a terrific Scottish band of the early 80s who wore their misery and angst on their sleeves. Their music is reminiscent of that weird kid at school who made everone knuckle under with a darting stare or a few phrases.

Josef K were a dark lot who created solid art pop records in the vein of Magazine, Televison or the Velvet Underground. They had attitude, spite and a keen sense of pop melody that Devo would kill for. Although they initially seemed to be a brief blip on the UK pop scene at the time, in retrospect they were massively important.

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Warren Zevon's "Werewolves of London": What With Poor Jim and His Lungs

Aaaaoooo, indeed.

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Peeping Tom Live on Conan O'Brien: Nice Hairnet, Mike

Missed this when it first hit, alas. Takes them about halfway in to catch the full groove of it, methinks, but once there it's pretty nifty.

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Found via Viva La Britt.

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Cab Calloway and the Nicholas Brothers: Come On, Boys, Let's Have a Ball

An excellent snippet from Stormy Weather, which was released this year on DVD by Fox. Just damn, it's good.

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Found via VideoSift.

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The Strangest Guitars Ever: Weird as Hell and Ready to Rawk has got a list of the Top 20 Strangest Guitars (well, 21--but who's know, I mean, besides me). And no, that's not Gandalf on that snippet there. It's Jesus. He provides loaves, fishes, and rawk.

Found via Here Comes the Flood.

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More Batman the Musical: A Souvenir of Death

Guess what? A vengeful cyberangel sent over links to two more songs from the Batman musical, which we've mentioned before.

And holy shit, they are terrible. I mean really, seriously terrible. Like even Andrew Lloyd Webber on a bad day is thinking, "WTF is that noise?"

Download The Catwoman Song.

Download "Still the Children."

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