Oldboy (2013) – 27 Second Review

Josh Brolin from Oldboy (2013)

Written by: Mark Protosevich, based on the manga by Garon Tsuchiya & Nobuaki Minegishi
Directed by: Spike Lee
Starring: Josh Brolin, Elizabeth Olsen, Sharlto Copley, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Imperioli

Review: Well, let’s just say it. This movie is fucked up. Those who have seen the original know that this is not something one refers to in a positive light. At least not without cringing. Americanized remakes will always have that extra hurdle to pass, and thanks to the cast and fight choreography (are you thinking The Hallway of Hammering? Because I am), this one passed muster. But now I’m going to go shower.

Time: 21 seconds


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Shiner Family Reunion Beer Variety Pack – Review

Shiner Family Reunion Beer Variety Pack

I first enjoyed Shiner Bock in its home state of Texas. I was on a vacation with my mother, sister, grandmother and aunt and we were in a restaurant in San Antonio. The waiter suggested Shiner Bock to us as a “Texas beer” and we all tried it. And enjoyed it. Shiner Bock, at that time, was only available in Texas and it was “the beer” at most restaurants.

Additionally, as per my mother, grandmother and aunt, it was the only thing that made the non-drivers able to make it through the interminable hours driving across the Texas desert. There was a reason I was only on the San Antonio part of their trip.

Shiner expanded its brewery about two years after that and I’ve been able to enjoy their Bock whenever now. It’s a good beer: tasty, not too hoppy, with a nice carbonation and flavour. Per the Shiner site and write-ups, the Bock is their “flagship” for their family of brews and if you haven’t had it, do. Good beer.


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Insidious: Chapter 2 – Movie Review

Insidious Chapter 2

Written by: Leigh Whannell, based on a story by James Wan & Leigh Whannell
Directed by: James Wan
Starring: Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, Ty Simpkins, Lin Shaye, Barbara Hershey

I love Insidious. Whether or not you like the shift in the third act, the first two are utterly terrifying, and anyone who says otherwise is a dirty stupid liar. I’ve seen it probably eight times or more, and was lucky enough to see it on the big screen again just before Insidious: Chapter 2 (henceforth to be referred to as Insidious 2, because I’m lazy). It didn’t lose much of its power in the theater a second time. Insidious was at its core a remake of Poltergeist.


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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons – Game Review

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Here’s an analogy for you: If Skyrim is your favorite Pixar film, then Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons ($15, Xbox Live Arcade) is the animated short before that film. It’s the experience that, while short-lived, sticks with you long after credits of the main feature have rolled. I don’t think I’m too far off the mark by calling Brothers one of the most emotionally rich and meaningful games of 2013. The story is simple: you and your brother must find a live-saving cure for your father, who has fallen ill. Because he is your only living parent, saving his life is all the more important. This leads the two sons on an adventure through a danger-ridden fantasy world.

This review will be short. Not because I don’t have a lot to say about Brothers, but because the simple act of writing about the story would ruin it for you. Think of it like this: how angry would you be if I went to see a movie you’d been eagerly anticipating for the past year, and then rattled off some of the major plot points? You’d be kinda pissed, right? Every scenario in Brothers is something you must experience for yourself to truly appreciate. There are few games I can think of in which the minute-to-minute events are so special.


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