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Red Nose Net

Well, one of the benefits of being insane is that you can always find more time and less sleep in order to get things done. That’s not the reason we launched this new site, but...

The Friday Timesuck

Well, let’s see…the second Discardia game ended and Cosette, who wasn’t even playing, won, making her the undefeated champion. It’s a long story. We had our in...

Free the Music

A Seal of Common Sense

Best idea we’ve heard this week. Boing Boing alerted us to this. Nick over at 53×11 (who apparently is 53×11–I dunno, it’s a bike thing) has created a pro...

The Friday Timesuck

Another Friday, another barrage of bits to help keep your mind going long enough to make it to the weekend. You're welcome.

The Friday Timesuck

Contests and more contests are the big thing we have going on. So if you haven't signed up, feel free to do so.


Now that Benedict XVI has been installed as the new Pope in Rome, our very own Heironymous, a serious contender for the papacy, has responded. In a move that's been coming for some...

Disneyland MP3 boxed set

Sweet Stash of Disneyland MP3s

There is a sweet 13-CD virtual boxed set of Disneyland audio goodness now online. Boing Boing pointed this out (originally found on The Disney Blog), and also mention that if you just...

The Friday Timesuck

Well, let’s see. For those of you who fell asleep during the week, here are some necessary links so we know you didn’t miss them. We’ve got two new contests up, for...

This Does Not Bode Well

This review of the Hitchhiker's Guide movie is pretty damn damning. Why should you care? Well, because it's written by a Douglas Adams biographer, M.J. Simpson.