From Roomba to Boardable Robot in Just Eleven Years

Kuratas pilot salute

In a video that has quite possibly the most awesome warning in the history of translated warnings, Suidobashi Heavy Industry brings you Kuratas, a robot you can climb inside and pilot. I know, I know–like me, you won’t be satisfied until it can transform into a jet fighter so we can fully address the impending Zentraedi threat. But still, I’ll need you to protect Earth–I have a feeling that, based on the glimpse I saw of the cockpit in the following video, the controls are more Xbox than Battlezone. Which means I’m screwed.

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Dewey Finn, Gothic Black Courtesy Phone Please. Dewey Finn, Gothic Black Courtesy Phone.

Kids from Music Academies cover Forty-Six and Two by Tool

So here I was, sitting and minding my own business and thinking, “Man, you know what? There aren’t enough videos of kids covering songs about Jungian angles on the potential evolution of mankind.” Then, without warning, I came across this video, with “Rock Angel” (dig the shirt) singing about picking scabs and stepping through the shadow–and I found myself torn between admiring the band for totally killing it and feeling vaguely uncomfortable that a kid that young is singing Maynard.

Make up your own mind. That all being said, I’d love to see this crew tackle “Third Eye.” Because as long as we’re going deep into Tool territory, let’s take the submersible to crushing depths, yes?


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The Walking Dead Spinoff: Expanding the Apocalypse

Night of the Living Dead: London

Night of the Living Dead: London art by Carlos Kastro

I’ve mentioned more than once my amusement at a successful film suddenly becoming a trilogy and the creative teams’ reactions. “We always thought of it as a trilogy,” they would say, when on a lot of these things, we know damn well they’re amazed they wound up as successful as they were. I’m looking at you, Blade. I don’t think we’re surprised anymore at the Hair Trigger Franchise effect. And now we’re looking at Walking Dead getting a spinoff.

But I imagine going back in time fifteen years and telling my younger self, “Seriously, don’t go to Bolivia.” Then after that was taken care of, I would say, “Not only is there going to be a zombie TV series, but it’s going to launch a spinoff. More CSI: New York than The Jeffersons, but you get what I mean.” To which Younger Widge would say, “What the hell’s a CSI?” But by that point, I would have run out of quarters to put in the timeporter and wound up back in the present.


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Why Slay Dragons and Conquer Universes When You Can Sell Bagels?

Desert Bus

The utterly mad Desert Bus game by Penn and Teller from 1995, one of the mundanest of the mundane. God help us, it was released for iOS and Android a while ago.

Irish comedian and geek extraordinaire Dara O’Briain once said of the video game Grand Theft Auto 4, “I’ve a day off work, and I’m in a commute. I cannot believe that I’ve taken the time of my own to sit in fake traffic, when I could be out in London driving somewhere nice in actual traffic.” Certainly a sentiment that makes sense. How many of us play games, watch films, or read books for a healthy dose of escapism? And this is how it’s been, probably since one caveman read the comics his buddy drew on the wall.

But there’s a weird phenomenon happening in the indie video games scene at the moment. People are making games about the mundanity of everyday life. Something that goes beyond the “Playing God” sort of games like The Sims. Games that simulate paperwork, cash transactions, and running errands. Here are some examples that you might want to look into, each a bit more soul-crushing than the last.


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DragonCon 2013: Crawling From the Wreckage

Thank You Weekend Justice Cookie

So the madness that was DragonCon 2013 has come and gone. And as we wake up in our respective car trunks, oversized pieces of luggage and coffins–we struggle to remember the extended convention weekend that was.

Luckily, we have photos. And videos. And audio. And those will be happening as we can slam them into a somewhat respectable (for us) form. In addition to multiple panels where we got to see many, many of you, we did our experimental Weekend Justice #200 live recording and everyone had a chaotic good time. We also recorded another live Solve This, which will be hitting a lot sooner than the last one. And we had our annual Need Coffee Group Therapy session.

Some highlights, though. We have had it underscored just how incredibly sexy you, our fans, are. That picture up there is of the giant cookie that greeted me when I arrived on the scene at Make the Bad Men Part I. Yes, I know: I should have taken the picture before we began mauling it. But I’ve been on a diet for a while and…well, you know, giant cookies aren’t something you purchase for yourself regardless, right? It was amazing. And I ate way too much of it. Took me back to high school age birthdays, so it did.


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Doctor Who Essentials #3: Jon Pertwee

With the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who approaching in November, Need Coffee Dot Com celebrates the legacy of the show by examining all Eleven Doctors. Every Doctor will be profiled as part of the series.

At the end of each overview is a recommended list of commercially available DVD titles from that particular Doctor. For the sake of simplicity only complete stories will be considered.

Jon Pertwee, the Third Doctor


Jon Pertwee was nicknamed “The Tall Light Bulb” by Tom Baker. In a weird way it is perfect since as a performer everything about the actor who played the Third Doctor was bright and beaming. Pertwee, a veteran actor and comedian who dabbled equally in radio, theatre, film and television, who never entered a room quietly–was larger then life. The legend of Pertwee only grew larger when it was revealed that he was involved in high-level espionage in World War II.

He was born into a famous family. His father Roland was a well-known writer and artist. His mother, Avice, whom Jon would later grow estranged from, was also a performer.


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Oh No! Mr. Fuggles!

Mr. Fuggles

Charlie Brooker, who we’ve brought to your attention before–especially and most importantly for people on this side of the pond who probably aren’t aware of him, has given us great joy in the form of his -Wipe series of shows. However, he brought his keen sense of gloom and sarcasm to a panel show, You Have Been Watching, which aired on Channel 4 in the UK for two series in 2009 and 2010. Alas, no more have been created.

During the show, Charlie and three panelists would discuss (and ultimately quiz about) various shows. The episode we’re drawing from is the Kids TV Special, where they had just finished going over the slightly psychotic and definitely unnerving 70s show Pipkins. (I highly recommend seeking out that segment of the show. It’s mental.) Having seen how that show dealt with telling kids about death, Charlie decided to put his panelists to the test…

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The Problem with Hannibal

Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal

Preface: I’ll warn you: This one requires a bit of ancillary reading on your part. Not books or anything (though they are always good things to read), but blog posts and articles. I hope you’re all right with that…because it’ll be worth it.

I am a huge fan of the world and mythos of Hannibal Lecter, and so I’m a bit ashamed of myself that I didn’t know, until the week of airing, that NBC was creating a new ongoing series called Hannibal, based on the events directly preceding Thomas Harris’ novel Red Dragon. But, upon hearing of what should have been a wondrous occurrence, I was what I’ll call “Aggressively Meh” about the whole thing.


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Morgan Freeman, Jon Stewart & The Balloons of the Cosmos

Morgan Freeman with cigar

Morgan Freeman: so smooth that this image doesn't even have to actually relate to this post.

Showing that he knows how to maximize good interview time, Jon Stewart wastes no time in discussing Morgan Freeman‘s soon-to-hit Now You See Me and goes straight to discussing science. The conversation covers not only Stephen Hawking‘s party skills but also how you can use balloons to explain damn near anything in physics.

I have not caught Freeman’s show, Through the Wormhole, but all I can say is that if you paired these two on some sort of science road trip documentary series, I would watch the living hell out of it. It’s after the jump.


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