Chemical Brothers To Let Flow in January

Chemical Brothers Dont Think

After providing music for both Hanna and Black Swan, The Chemical Brothers are hitting the big screen themselves with their concert film Don’t Think. It’s beginning with sneak screenings in multiple cities on January 26th and then opening wider on February 3rd.

If you take a moment to peruse the trailer, it looks a bit like that upcoming insane party movie Project X but instead if the screenplay had been written by Neal Stephenson’s id. Apparently the concert film was captured in July of this year in front of 50,000 fans that were, by all evidence from the video, freaking right the hell out. And I don’t know that I could blame them. Trailer after the break:

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Stuff You Need to Know: Daniel Day-Lewis is Abe, Honestly

Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln

The frustrating thing about pop culture websites is they try to slam you with update after update–and most of it you simply don’t need to know. One post a week, catching you up with everything. That’s what we do. Pour some espresso and get your dose.

  • The Lincoln biopic, helmed by Spielberg, is a month into production and Hollywood Reporter had the first glimpse of Daniel Day-Lewis in full makeup as Abe. And damn. That’s pretty awesome. Cosette’s response: “Did he build a log cabin this time?” Yes. And studied his lines off a shovel. Is it just me or does this just make you want to see Day-Lewis fight vampires? Also, note that Variety says Jared Harris (the upcoming Moriarty–who, holy shit, that’s Richard Harris’ son!) will play Ulysses S. Grant and Sally Field as Mary Todd Lincoln.
  • Akira reworked plot points pointed out over at io9. Dindrane and fans of the original are warned to stay away, as you will have a severe allergic reaction. Here’s a taste: “Kaneda (Garret Hedlund) is a bar owner in Neo-Manhattan who is stunned when his brother, Tetsuo, is abducted by government agents led by The Colonel (Ken Watanabe).” And on from there.
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    Stuff: Questlove is Grounded and I Don’t Feel So Good Myself

    Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow - Avengers poster

    Each week we try to bring you a catch-up post on the latest in pop culture news. Because reading a whole bunch of individual posts just takes too much bloody time. And we want you to have a life. So enjoy.

    Speaking of having a life: it’s Black Friday. And if you’re going to snag some Black Friday deals (or anything at all, really) from Amazon, please do it through us. You can even use this link. When you do, we get kickbacks and those help to keep Need Coffee alive. Many thanks, amigos.

  • Marvel has released a series of Avengers teaser posters. That’s a snippet there with Scarlett as Black Widow. For the whole lot, featuring all the major characters, check out this link.
  • Arrested Development lives. It’s coming back in early 2013 thanks to Netflix. No idea where a rumored feature film is at this point. Dear Netflix: keep some money handy for when AMC gets stupid and decides Walking Dead is too expensive. Just a tip. Source: Variety.
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    Doctor Who: The 2011 Christmas Trailer

    The Ent in Doctor Who

    Hoom, bitches.

    So the trailer for this year’s Doctor Who Christmas Special is here, revealed as a part of the Children in Need fundraiser. Considering the title is The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe, you can tell where this is going. And yes, Bill Bailey makes an appearance. Part of me wants him to encounter an alien and repeat, “Is this an Ood?”1

    I’ve skipped the Children in Need bit for those who are short on time, but feel free to back up the video if you’d like to see the full thing.

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    Stuff: And I Woulda Gotten Away With It Too, If It Hadn’t Been For Those Newsies!

    Newsies Musical

    Are you three guys all trying to swat the same fly?

    There’s a great deal of pop culture news that comes out every day. It piles up. Some sites want you to read individual posts with 600 words about a single C-list actress joining the sixteenth Saw movie or something. If that’s your thing, great. But the rest of us have lives–thus Stuff You Need to Know. Enjoy.

  • Interesting insight into what makes a Broadway musical…in this case, Disney was getting consistent nagging about creating a Newsies musical (based on the film) so that regional to amateur theatres could tackle it. So to get that money, they created the show, with the help of original composers Alan Menken and Jack Feldman and a book based on the script by…Harvey Fierstein (nice). It ran at the Paper Mill Playhouse in New Jersey and will wind up on Broadway in March. Set to run 101 episodes, expect it to extend its run. Apparently another Disney musical, the Peter Pan prequel, Peter and the Starcatcher, will hit in the spring. Source: Variety.
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    Stuff Bulletin: Stock Up on Firefly For the Holidays

    Firefly: The Complete Series Blu-Ray Logo

    We give you this late-breaking news thingy with a few choice items of pop culture info for your rapid digestion–but primarily for this: Amazon’s deal of the day is for the complete series of Firefly. The Blu-Ray is just $18.99 (79% off its list price) and the DVD is just $14.99 (70% off its list price). So seriously, just snag the Blu-Ray for that price difference. And even if you don’t want it for yourself–ahem–the holidays are coming. Just saying. Sale lasts today only or until they run out.

  • Someone sedate Dindrane. Akira, the live action version…still happening. Garrett Hedlund (Tron: Legacy) is in talks to play Kaneda. Source: Variety.
  • In the intriguing theatre department, David Mamet is going to direct his new play The Anarchist. It’s going to hit Broadway next fall and star Patti LuPone and Laurie Metcalf. Source: Variety.
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    Stuff: So We Have The Sequel Pitch Already, It’s Called Plurality…

    Ray Kurzweil

    I want to hear a DVD commentary from this guy. Who's with me?

    Each week, a lot goes on in the world of pop culture. Most of it you don’t care about, but most websites want to tell you about it anyway. Not us. Here, in just over a thousand words, is really the stuff you absolutely need to know. This leaves you more time to…I dunno, sleep or something. I hear that’s an interesting hobby. Enjoy.

  • Apparently, Roland Emmerich’s next bigass film is sci-fi and called Singularity. And has a budget of $175 million. Rewrites are happening and apparently who better to come in and help than the guy who came up with the term, Ray Kurzweil. Damn. It’s due out May 2013. According to Variety, “Set 50 years in the future, story follows a famous nanotechnology pioneer who uses a dangerous new procedure to save his badly-injured son, Adam, whose consciousness is transferred into a swarm of nanobots that take his physical form, giving him all sorts of powers. Protag ends up on the run from an evil corporation that developed the technology.” If you didn’t want Emmerich to direct sci-fi again, you should have gone to see Anonymous. I’m just saying.
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    Stuff You Need to Know: The Skyfall is Happening, Sayeth Chicken Little

    Albert Finney

    'I would make a KICK ASS Blofeld and you know it.'

    Yes, we’re back. Sorry we’ve been away, but there’s been a lot going on. Should have one of these at least weekly for you and we’ll try to keep you up to speed. The theme is simple: there’s just too much pop culture shite going on to spend your life reading a website about pop culture news. We try to give it to you in capsule form. Swallow briskly. Enjoy.

  • Amazon‘s deal of the day is the Blu-Ray set of Superman: The Motion Picture Anthology. It’s at $55.99 today while stocks last, which is 57% off the list price. You can snag that here.
  • James Bond 23 finally has a title and appears to be happening. Skyfall will hit the UK and Ireland October 26, 2012, hitting stateside November 9, 2012. The story apparently has a spectre (not SPECTRE) from M’s past rising up to be dealt with. Which means Judi Dench returns (as does Craig), with Javier Bardem on board as the villain, and Naomie Harris (28 Days Later) and Berenice Marlohe (a French model) as the Bond girls. Also in the cast are Albert Finney (yes!), Ralph Fiennes and Ben Whishaw (Perfume). Nice timing: the Variety article states that the announcement today comes on the 50th anniversary of the announcement that Sean Connery had been cast as Bond for Dr. No. Well played, Eon.
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    Remembering Steve Jobs

    Steve Jobs

    Yesterday my brother commented on the awesomeness of an app for the new iPhone 4S that gives you timed (and vocal) reminders based on your GPS location. Beside me as I type is my iPod filled with more music than I ever could have imagined could fit in a few square inches…and on my shelf are Pixar films that still make me laugh/cry every time I watch them. Those who worked alongside the man behind all of these things describe his philosophy as “make it great,” and that he did, in so many ways. Shortly after that conversation with my brother, I learned we have to bid goodbye to Steve Jobs, a brilliant inventor, a savvy entrepreneur, and an amazing man…and I for one, could not say goodbye before pausing to honor “the man behind the curtain.”


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    In Memory of Jerry Leiber

    Mike Stoller, Elvis Presley and Jerry Leiber

    Jerry Leiber (right), with partner Mike Stoller and Elvis Presley

    We’ve lost Jerry Leiber. Rob or Tuffley will be able to more extensively run you through why this is important and you should know it. But Leiber is one of those people whose work you know even if you don’t know you know it. Any even passing knowledge of the music of the 50s and 60s and you can’t get around his lyrics and partner Mike Stoller’s music. “Jailhouse Rock,” for example–even if you don’t know the Elvis version, you’ve seen The Blues Brothers crush it. “Hound Dog”…I don’t know how you can not know the Elvis version of that, but it was originally (and is still) owned by Big Mama Thornton. The musical Smokey Joe’s Cafe is based around their work. And The Coasters…I shan’t call them novelty songs, stuff like “Charlie Brown” and “Poison Ivy”…because they’re too well put together to be mere novelty tunes.

    I’ve created a thirty-eight track playlist of Leiber and Stoller tunes as a tribute. That’s on Spotify. Enjoy. And a few tracks I couldn’t find on Spotify are embedded below.

    Thanks for everything, Mr. Leiber. Rest well.

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