Stuff Bulletin: Sondheim on Sale

Stephen Sondheim Collection

Quick headsup because I know we have some theatre lovers among us: the Stephen Sondheim Collection is on sale at Amazon--today only--for 63% off. That's $44.99 instead of the usual $119.99. Who needs this? Well, it has six discs in it: Celebration at Carnegie Hall, Follies in Concert, Into the Woods, Passion, Sunday in the Park With George and Sweeney Todd in Concert.

Oh yes, certainly, it's missing some things you wish it had. The Todd is the concert with LuPone and Hearn rather than the original recording with Lansbury, but Warner owns those rights. And shows that came later, like the reworking of Company, post-date this collection. But if you own one or two of these discs already and have been interested in the set, you still might want to consider it--because each title in here is at least $22.49 all on their own. So even if you own three of the titles already, you're getting a deal.

As usual, this is available today only and until they run out of stock. Just thought you'd like to know. If you're interested, you can check out more info and snag yourself a copy here.
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Stuff You Need to Know: Clancy, Conan and Shatner All Return (Not All at Once, Though)

Tom Clancy: Dead or Alive

  • Tom Clancy is hitting in December with what sounds like "Crisis on Infinite Clancy," at least according to the press release: "For the First Time Ever, Tom Clancy Brings Together 26 Years of Unforgettable Characters, including Jack Ryan, Jack Ryan, Jr., John Clark, Ding Chavez, and Mary Pat Foley, to Jointly Face Their Greatest Challenge Yet--Modern-Day Terrorism." So it's...Rainbow Seven? No, it's Dead or Alive and it hits December 7th of this year. His co-author on the book is Grant Blackwood, despite the seemingly 8 point font for Blackwood's name on the cover. Blackwood has written books based on Clancy's characters.
  • The UK is getting Mountain Dew. Or at least a variant of it. Not sure why they feel the need to change it, but maybe that's due (no pun intended) to the fact it's going to be marketed there as an energy drink. If some enterprising Brit reader would like to send me a sample, I'd be quite grateful. Source.
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    Stuff: British Internet Insanity, The Return of Tarzan, & Everybody Loves Russian Raymond

    Returned to Sender

  • UK readers, it was nice knowing you. Because we sometimes link out to places that have copyrighted material, the government could block Needcoffee from your view--if we're understanding how this new law will work--disclaimer needed because I haven't read the whole thing. Granted, we don't do much of such linking--compared to most of the rest of the net, anyway--but we will link out or embed videos. Generally we include a way for people to buy the thing in question, so I don't lose any sleep over it. But more than anything else, I think the hilarity of watching the courts in the UK try to process the impending avalanche of requests is going to make this go away sooner than later. And the sadness of watching Twitter light up with proxies like was being done recently with...that's right...Iranian protestors. UK: You can't stop the net. Sorry. Nice round-up of links here.

  • Like Japanese entertainment stuff? You're in luck. They have "a cabinet-level office for intellectual property rights strategy" and they want to double their export of fun stuff. We're going to talk below about us exporting television shows internationally...but can we please get a U.S. version of this? Source: Variety, who doesn't want you to read the original article.
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    Stuff Bulletin: Them Crooked On Sale Vultures

    Them Crooked Vultures

    Sure enough, shortly after publishing the last bit, I saw the word that Amazon's deal for the day concerns Them Crooked Vultures--my favorite band and favorite album of 2009 and the guys that I positively cannot shut up about. You can attest to this last part if you've been listening to our podcasts, especially The Sound Board.

    Anyway, you can do an MP3 download of the album for $2.99 today only. And worst case scenario, if you don't want to download it (the only justifiable reason for which is that you don't want an album on your MP3 player of choice that you can't stop listening to--like me), you can at least download "Scumbug Blues" for free. Again, today only. Go here and enjoy.
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    Stuff: Viacom and YouTube Deserve Each Other

    All the time, there's pop culture stuff going on. You don't need a whole post about each and every little thing that happens, or every time a DVD gets dropped on the street. We're here to filter it for you. Now back with sections, so if you don't give a damn, you can just skip to the parts you want. You're welcome. Read this then go have a life.

  • The lawsuit between Viacom and YouTube just got a lot more hilarious. It was revealed that YouTube knew from the get-go that a lot of their content was pirated but just wanted the traffic. However, it was revealed that Viacom contributed to their own pirated content on the site, including getting other people to upload their stuff to help boost popularity while at the same time bitching about Those Damn Pirates. Is there a way the judge can just say, "You're both idiots, now take your toys and go home?" Anyway, the article lines it up rather well and is recommended reading.
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    Stuff Bulletin: Criterion Massive Going Out of Print Sale

    Grand Illusion DVD

    Okay, a few quick things I wanted to make you aware of so you could get going on them if you choose to.

  • Apparently, The Criterion Collection is losing the license to a crapload of titles. They're putting them on sale, $5 off each one. Below the jump, at the very end of this post, I'll give you a full list with links to the Criterion Collection's store. Snag them while you can. Please note: these aren't Amazon links, as Criterion is currently giving you the better deal, and I'd rather you got the better deal than me get the kickbacks. However, Amazon has a tendency to beat online sales when they become aware of them, so you might comparison shop before you pull the trigger. Last Criterion sale if Criterion had something on sale for, say 20%, Amazon would go 21%. So just FYI.
  • Also, something that is at Amazon is the complete series of Six Feet Under, which is their deal of the day. It's 62% off today and while stocks last, so that brings it down from $179.98 to $67.99. So move on that if you so choose.
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    Stuff: Just Like a Rock Star, Rockstar Is In Bed With Someone Else Now

    A lot of things happen. You don't need to know about them all, and you don't need to know them in detail. Here, in digest form, is the important pop culture stuff so you can do...whatever else it is you do.

  • Amazon's deal for the day is the complete Sopranos on DVD. It's going for $119.99 today only--which is 60% off, it's normally $300--and while stocks last. You can snag it here.

    Also, Lost's final season is already available for pre-order, even though it's not coming out until August. You can snag the DVD here or the Blu-Ray here.

  • The Losers trailer is up. And it looks a bit jokier than I recall the comic being but the idea of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Idris Elba, Zoe Saldana and Chris Evans in those roles is encouraging. And they kept in the "Pow" bit. So I'm already there.

    Direct link for the feedreaders.

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    Stuff Bulletin: Dollhouse on Sale

    Dollhouse: Season One DVD cover art
    Dollhouse Season 1 Blu-Ray

    Well, I won't have the next Stuff feature ready in time for anybody to take action on this, so it's a Stuff You Need to Know Newsflash. And I break this out on its own because it seems like there's a lot of our readers who dig on Dollhouse. So this headsup is for you guys. The rest of you, as you were.

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    Stuff: You Live Actioned My Battleship (Yamato)!

    There's a lot of stuff happening these days in Popculturitania. Don't worry, here's your quick tour of what's what. One post, and you can move on with your day. And as a reminder, if you want to purchase something we mention in here, doing so through this site gives us kickbacks, which helps pay for coffee. And you know, the server. In that order. Enjoy.

  • The previously mentioned Space Battleship Yamato looks like it might be live-actiontastic. It's out from Toho and going to hit Japan in December. Check this out:

    Direct link for the feedreaders.
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    Stuff Bulletin: Python on (Even Better) Sale

    Monty Python's Flying Circus Megaset

    So last year we advised you that The Complete Monty Python's Flying Circus 16-Ton Megaset was on sale for $40. Twice, in fact. It's got the complete series, plus the two-disc set that is available separately as Monty Python Live (reviewed here). It normally goes for $100. And we were excited--as well we should have been--because it was a helluva deal. Especially since we have no idea when a Blu-Ray set will be coming out, much less a remastered DVD set.

    But now it's an even better deal: it's $35. That's 65% off. Today. Only today. So you have a few hours left to go snag it. We highly advise it. You can snag it here. (And if you do through us, we get kickbacks and that helps support the cost of running this madhouse. So thanks.)
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