Stuff You Need to Know: Abraham Lincoln Cast; Next Up is "Howard Taft vs. The Yeti"

Abraham Lincoln vs. the Zombies

The premise is simple. There are people who need to know everything that's going on in pop culture and know it instantly. Then are people like you: you're smart. You have better things to do. You need to know just the gist and have the stuff that's really not that interesting filtered out. Welcome. We read all this stuff so you don't have to. Enjoy.

  • Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is at Fox and Benjamin Walker is in the lead to play the title role. You might not remember him from playing the young titular part in Kinsey, but you should know he dropped out of the X-Men: First Class movie to instead go and reach critical acclaim on Broadway playing Andrew Jackson in a rock musical. Read that sentence again if you need to. Seth Grahame-Smith will adapt his own book and Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted) is in the chair. Tim Burton will co-produce. Yes, the film will be in 3-D. Expect it to hit cinemas June 22 of next year. Source. T-shirt image taken from here.
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    Stuff You Need to Know: The Dawn of The Modern Marital Aid. Oh, and Judge Dredd.

    Victorian vibrator

    Pop culture news won't change your life. The minutes you save reading these posts instead of other sites, where they just pile on info you don't need--those minutes can change your life. We're here to empower you. You're welcome.

  • Move swiftly, friends. Any season of X-Files you want is $13.99 today only--for just a few hours more--at Amazon. Here's that link you need.
  • Considering a recent episode of Weekend Justice, this news will interest some members of the league. The movie is Hysteria and takes place in Victorian-era England around the same time that the vibrator was invented. It stars Hugh Dancy and Jonathan Pryce as doctors treating the titular affliction. Dancy and Rupert Everett experiment with the new device while Maggie Gyllenhaal will play Pryce's daughter. Yes. I say do a double feature between this and the Darwin movie Creation and that way you're sure to offend somebody! Source.
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    Stuff: Johnny Carson Leaves the Salt Mine and Gets Digital

    Johnny Carson Carnac

    Some sites want you to actually read a bunch of blog posts full of information that you don't need. Who the hell has time for that? We don't think you do. So one post, as we get around to it, with info you need to know. And so you didn't find out about it five minutes after it happened. We don't think you care. So enjoy. And if you decide you want to buy something we discuss...please do so through the link or through the Amazon search box to your right on the page. It helps us keep the lights on.

  • Amazon has some deals you should be aware of. First up, the Megaset of the complete Kids in the Hall is going for $41.99, which is 58% off the regular price of $99.95. And that's today only, so if you move swiftly you can still catch it here. Also, clothing-wise, they're doing a back to school sale with $10 off of $50 and $25 off of $100. Click here for more info on that deal.

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    Stuff: Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad... Except for Dancing

    Some movie news websites want to make you read 700 words just to find out who was cast in what. Screw that. We read all the nonsense and pass the time savings onto you. All the pop culture news you need, at your leisure, in a single post. You're welcome.

  • Animal Farm...the musical. No bullshit. Apparently the people that brought you the musical version of Billy Elliot are working on this, but no start date yet. Not for a while. Let me break that down for you: Elton John, the man who wrote the songs for The Lion King is working on songs to put in the mouths of Snowball and Napoleon. Weigh that. Source.
  • Russell Brand, who is killing me loudly with his Arthur remake (currently in production) is in talks to play the swashbuckling John Hawkwood at Fox. (Don't worry, I had never heard of him before either. Go here.) Jared Stern, who's apparently done work for Disney, is scribing. And will "create a screenplay tailored around Brand's image." So...Hawkwood will Source.
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    Stuff: Comic-Con Trailers Bring Zombie Goodness

    There's a lot of entertainment news going on. You honestly don't need to know most of it. And the bits you do need to know, you don't need to know them the second they happen. You, after all, have a life. Rather than write up a bunch of individual posts you have to read, here's one post with everything. Enjoy.

  • Why have I not seen a trailer for Darren Aronofsky's latest, Black Swan? Seriously, give it up already.
  • The Boys, the highly violent Garth Ennis book in which superheroes have to be dealt with by an enhanced CIA squad, is going to be helmed by Adam McKay (The Other Guys). Source.
  • Will Eisner's A Contract With God is going to be made into a feature film with different segments helmed by different folks. Production starts in 2011 and should hit the festival circuit next year as well.
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    Stuff: Dear Federal Courts: Please Kick the FCC Again. Love, America.

    FCC Ha!

    There's a lot of entertainment news going on. You honestly don't need to know most of it. And the bits you do need to know, you don't need to know them the second they happen. You, after all, have a life. Rather than write up a bunch of individual posts you have to read, here's one post with everything. Enjoy.

  • The Amazon deal of the day is the complete series of The Brady Bunch. While stocks last and today only--it's 55% off. Regularly $129.99 and it's $58.99. Thought you'd like to know. Snag it here.
  • The FCC and federal courts are in a tussle again about whether or not we're all adults and can handle a bit of profanity. The good news is a federal court has overturned the FCC's silly "fleeting profanity" fees. It's simple, folks. If you don't like the language, change the channel. When you had only three channels to choose from, then maybe you had a case for sanitizing everything. But now we have limitless choices. So get the fuck over it already. Read the whole article here.
  • Avatar is being re-released in cinemas August 27th. But don't get excited--the difference this time is eight minutes of extra footage. Seriously, people. You own the DVD and/or Blu-Ray. It's eight minutes. Come on. Source.
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    Stuff: New Actors Playing Peter Parker, Jung and Freud - But Not in the Same Film, Mind You

    Andrew Garfield

    There's a lot of entertainment news going on. You honestly don't need to know most of it. And the bits you do need to know, you don't need to know that instant. Rather than write up a bunch of individual posts you have to read, here's one post with everything. Boom. Done. Enjoy.

  • Amazon's deal of the day is for both seasons of Flight of the Conchords plus a CD for $26.99, which is 55% off the normal price. Today only and while stocks last. So. There you have it. Find that here.
  • When you hear that Cronenberg is directing Viggo Mortensen in a film called A Dangerous Method, you're probably not guessing what comes next: that it's a love triangle featuring Jung and Freud as characters. If you want to see Mortensen and Michael Fassbender as Freud and Jung, check out the pics here. Also in the film are Keira Knightley and Vincent Cassel. It's due out next year.
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    Stuff Bulletin: Sondheim on Sale

    Stephen Sondheim Collection

    Quick headsup because I know we have some theatre lovers among us: the Stephen Sondheim Collection is on sale at Amazon--today only--for 63% off. That's $44.99 instead of the usual $119.99. Who needs this? Well, it has six discs in it: Celebration at Carnegie Hall, Follies in Concert, Into the Woods, Passion, Sunday in the Park With George and Sweeney Todd in Concert.

    Oh yes, certainly, it's missing some things you wish it had. The Todd is the concert with LuPone and Hearn rather than the original recording with Lansbury, but Warner owns those rights. And shows that came later, like the reworking of Company, post-date this collection. But if you own one or two of these discs already and have been interested in the set, you still might want to consider it--because each title in here is at least $22.49 all on their own. So even if you own three of the titles already, you're getting a deal.

    As usual, this is available today only and until they run out of stock. Just thought you'd like to know. If you're interested, you can check out more info and snag yourself a copy here.
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    Stuff You Need to Know: Clancy, Conan and Shatner All Return (Not All at Once, Though)

    Tom Clancy: Dead or Alive

  • Tom Clancy is hitting in December with what sounds like "Crisis on Infinite Clancy," at least according to the press release: "For the First Time Ever, Tom Clancy Brings Together 26 Years of Unforgettable Characters, including Jack Ryan, Jack Ryan, Jr., John Clark, Ding Chavez, and Mary Pat Foley, to Jointly Face Their Greatest Challenge Yet--Modern-Day Terrorism." So it's...Rainbow Seven? No, it's Dead or Alive and it hits December 7th of this year. His co-author on the book is Grant Blackwood, despite the seemingly 8 point font for Blackwood's name on the cover. Blackwood has written books based on Clancy's characters.
  • The UK is getting Mountain Dew. Or at least a variant of it. Not sure why they feel the need to change it, but maybe that's due (no pun intended) to the fact it's going to be marketed there as an energy drink. If some enterprising Brit reader would like to send me a sample, I'd be quite grateful. Source.
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    Stuff: British Internet Insanity, The Return of Tarzan, & Everybody Loves Russian Raymond

    Returned to Sender

  • UK readers, it was nice knowing you. Because we sometimes link out to places that have copyrighted material, the government could block Needcoffee from your view--if we're understanding how this new law will work--disclaimer needed because I haven't read the whole thing. Granted, we don't do much of such linking--compared to most of the rest of the net, anyway--but we will link out or embed videos. Generally we include a way for people to buy the thing in question, so I don't lose any sleep over it. But more than anything else, I think the hilarity of watching the courts in the UK try to process the impending avalanche of requests is going to make this go away sooner than later. And the sadness of watching Twitter light up with proxies like was being done recently with...that's right...Iranian protestors. UK: You can't stop the net. Sorry. Nice round-up of links here.

  • Like Japanese entertainment stuff? You're in luck. They have "a cabinet-level office for intellectual property rights strategy" and they want to double their export of fun stuff. We're going to talk below about us exporting television shows internationally...but can we please get a U.S. version of this? Source: Variety, who doesn't want you to read the original article.
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