Stuff: Send Some Birthday Love to Uncle Ray

Ray Bradbury

  • Uncle Ray Bradbury is celebrating his 89th birthday and there's apparently a party taking place on August 22nd at Mystery and Imagination in Glendale. Sadly, I won't be able to make the shindig, but here's the cool bit: the bookstore will pass any birthday cards off to the man himself. So if you owe him some snippets of imagination that he inspired or if he helped shaped your writing (his Zen in the Art of Writing is an invaluable resource), then shoot him a card, why don't you? I'm sure you can still find a meatspace mailbox somewhere near where you are. Found via.
  • An Alien prequel? Ugh. I know. It just makes your head hurt. But when you tell me that Ridley Scott is attached to direct? Then I'm just...terribly confused. The way you revitalize the franchise is to go backwards? When all you need to do is make an actual Aliens vs. Predator film based on the comic? But later in the article, it's referred to as a "reboot." So are people learning the wrong lesson from the latest Star Trek film? No idea. I just know the script hasn't been written yet and it's a long, long road between pre-script and hitting the cinema. And Ridley's a busy guy, as has been discussed before. So I'll believe this when it starts shooting.
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    RIP: John Hughes

    John Hughes

    Well, it's a dark day for my generation and 80s cinema--the latter certainly shaped the former. And one of the directors who defined movies in the 80s was John Hughes. His filmography has not only the high school love trifecta of Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink and Some Kind of Wonderful (all three of which he scribed--and he directed Candles) but also the high school drama of The Breakfast Club. And there's also the classic Weird Science, one of my favorite John Candy starring roles in Uncle Buck, and the mayhem of Vacation.

    And of course, the high school character everyone wanted to be...

    Direct link for the feedreaders.

    Sadly, John Hughes died yesterday at age 59 of a heart attack. [...]

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    Stuff: Mashup Artists Looking Forward to Warren Ellis/Holy Grail Possibilties

    Josh Brolin as Jonah Hex with Megan Fox

    There's plenty going on in the world of pop culture. But you have a life--we don't. That's why we do this: news in quick digestible chunks so you can be about your business, armed with geek info. You're welcome.

  • A bunch of posters were rolled out at San Diego, including Jonah Hex (snippet shown), can be found at Yahoo Movies. Some are unimpressive, like, oh, Saw VI. But the Alice in Wonderland posters give a better look at the characters. And such.
  • Castlevania is back on again, with James Wan (Saw) on board to co-scribe and helm. And they're apparently discarding the previous version of the script and starting over. And what does this mean to the animated version that Uncle Warren scribed? No idea. Although if somebody wanted to send me his script, I wouldn't be sad. I'm just saying. Source.
  • You L.A. types, be aware that Cirque du Soleil is doing more of their 25th anniversary fun-stuff at the Grove this coming Sunday, August 2nd. All six shows from Vegas will have acts on hand to perform starting at 12:30pm and for free. Nice. "The event will be family friendly, featuring a circus play area set up for kids with face painting, jugglers and other activities. Prize giveaways, specially priced tickets for the shows in Vegas, and a chance to meet Cirque du Soleil castmembers will round out the festivities." Also nice. Seriously, if you're out that way, go. It'll be a hoot. Source.
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    Stuff You Need to Know: If Ned Gets Involved in Blackest Night, Consider Me On Board

    San Diego Comic-Con happened this weekend. We, like you, are trying to pick up the pieces. We'll break out the Shop-Vac and let you see the results. You just relax and have an espresso.

  • So here's the trailer from Comic-Con for the upcoming Starz mini, Spartacus: Blood and Sand (which we warned you about previously). Which is cool, as long as you understand it appears to be Zack Snyder's Gladiator.

    Direct link for the feedreaders. Found via TV Squad.

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    Stuff You Need to Know: San Diego Mayhem Has Begun

    The Losers movie poster by Jock

    Don't panic because San Diego is going to be throwing news at your head. We'll try our best to run some interference. It's a madhouse out there--trust us, we've been before--but there's no reason for it to spread like something out of Romero's The Crazies. Enjoy.

  • Don't miss this: Amazon's deal of the day is The Definitive Collection of the original Twilight Zone on DVD. For $105.99, which is 65% off. It is worth it, especially at this reduced price. Trust me. It's the whole freaking series plus bonus bits. Get yours here.
  • So The Losers has started production. And here's the poster from original series artist Jock--click to embiggen. Jock and original scribe Andy Diggle have stated they've seen a still of Oscar Jaenada as Cougar--but to my knowledge that's not online anywhere. (Would love to see it, though, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.) If you haven't read the comics, you should. And if you haven't told me what dark arts I have to perform to get these guys to do The Authority, then you're falling down on the job. Get on it. Found at Comic Book Resources via the creators' respective Twitters...get them here: Jock and Andy Diggle.
  • The first ground test firing of the Ares I solid rocket booster is happening August 25th. For those not keeping score, Ares is what will replace the Space Shuttle. Last I heard it was 2015 when Ares was expected to hit, and that sounds far away to say until you realize that it's, you know, not. Ah well. Source.
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    Stuff: Abin Sur Has Selected His Successor

    Green Lantern

    Feeling overwhelmed with pop culture news? Don't worry. It happens to us all the time and we're professionals. Don't worry. We've got this. Enjoy.

  • So we've got a Green Lantern. Ryan Reynolds has come on board with production starting January and a 2011 release date. This is what we call DC/Warner Brothers coming to their senses after the "brilliant" idea to have Jack Black play the role. I think Jack Black rocks as much as the next webmaster--but seriously, Ryan Reynolds is Hal Jordan. Jack Black is G'nort. You follow? Anyway, DC/WB wants an Iron Man out of this. Translation: people don't know this character as well as our Bigass Tentpole Characters (BTC) but if we do this right we can have a killer franchise. DC/WB, free advice--remember the 300 Trailer Test. Source.
  • So the District 9 trailer is making lots of people talk. With good reason. It looks freaking fantastic.

    Direct link for the feedreaders.

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    Stuff: Python Reunion, Hold the Cleese

    John Cleese and Snake

    To paraphrase Lewis Carroll, we give you the stuff you need to know. When we get to the end of that, we stop. Enjoy.

  • It's an almost Monty Python reunion as everybody but John Cleese is on hand for when Not The Messiah (He's A Very Naughty Boy) hits Europe at last on October 23rd. It's for the 40th Anniversary of the show, and the fact that only a six-part docu is going to be aired and then hit DVD doesn't make sense--in the sense that that's all they're going to do. Blu-Ray release or...what? Because it's not like them to not try and make more money. Not that I necessarily blame them. I'm just saying. Source. Rob gave us the headsup.
  • Considering how much shit Tony Jaa's Ong Bak 2 went through to get made, I'm even more impressed with the trailer. Because it makes it look good.

    Seriously, the dude just ran up an elephant's face to flip-kick a guy. How cool is that? Found at Twitch, where they have the French trailer in which Jaa fights a crocodile. Nice. Direct link for the feedreaders. Headsup via Unidentified Madman.

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    Stuff You Need to Know: Do You Think They've Offered "Gobots" to Uwe Boll Yet?

    Stargate SG-1 cast

  • Amazon has the entire series of Stargate SG-1 on sale today for $131.99, which is 60% off. While stocks last, of course.

    Also Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz are out on Blu-Ray September 22nd. Click on the titles to pre-order yours...although I see Hot Fuzz is just a reminder thing and not an order yet. I'll keep an eye on it.

    And Tuffley reminded me that Windows 7 is available for pre-order on Amazon as well: here.

    Speaking of Nick Frost and Simon Pegg, in case you hadn't seen it, Nick's on Twitter. We need Simon on there. And their next film, Paul, has a website up where they're going berserk with the behind the scenes stuff.

    Direct link for the feedreaders.

    And speaking of Blu-Ray, the original film MASH is hitting it September 1st. No pre-order available yet.

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    Stuff: Biggest Zombie Party on the Planet Nigh

    I Spit on Your Rave poster

  • I Spit on Your Rave has the best movie title you will hear this week. The concept is it's 2018 and six years since a zombie virus unleashed upon the 2012 Olympics and mankind has gone the way of the dodo and good Marvel Comics. So out of boredom, a zombie music festival is born. This sounds so mental, I am filled with glee just telling you about it. Apparently, they're filming this at the Big Chill Festival with production starting on August 6th and they want everybody to show up and play a zombie extra. Not only do they get their movie, but they get the world record for "Most Amount of Zombies Captured on Camera". Is there anything about this film to not respect? Not at present. Here's their official site for more info. Source.
  • The Coraline musical is now running through July 5th. It seems to have pleased The Neil, so my hope is that a DVD of the performance will be on sale for those of us who don't have a prayer of seeing it in NYC before it closes. Source.
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    Stuff: E3 is Just a Big Conspiracy to Get Me to Buy a Gaming System

    Beatles Rock Band

  • So it's E3 time again, and these bastards are doing everything in their power to break down my will and make me buy a gaming system. As I mentioned before, they struck a low blow by partnering with The Beatles to create a version of Rock Band that's all their own. Then, knowing I was already weakened, they put out a trailer like this:

    Direct link for the feedreaders.

    See what I mean? Total. Bastards. You can pre-order Beatles Rock Band here. I am still holding out.

    Not helping is the fact that the zombie games just get more and more incredible looking. Be warned, though, the next trailer is...well, it's got zombies. So you can pretty much guess its nature.

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