Over to Don Knotts for the Weather

A classic bit from The Steve Allen Show in 1960. According to Classic Television Showbiz, where we found this, Knotts only had one comedy album? What? How's that happen? The man was a genius.

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Fry & Laurie: Ain't But One Way

You know, before this I never would have considered Stephen Fry as a contender for playing Lennie in Of Mice and Men. But now...

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Found via poeTV.

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Telly Savalas vs. Bob Hope: Very Different From Our Old Routine

Telly Savalas on one of Bob Hope's specials from 1976, first exchanging banter, then singing a duet, if you can believe it.

I find it amusing that apparently whatever version of teleprompter they're using must have been down at the stage level, since as they're exchanging jokes they're both looking down.

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If you want more of Telly singing, you can find it at Classic Television Showbiz.

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Carl Reiner on The Tonight Show

Carl Reiner is a comedy genius. Don't believe me? Just watch this bit from a 1972 episode of The Tonight Show.

Yes, I know, the video quality is for shit but just trust me.

Update: Sadly, this clip has been taken down. If anybody finds Carl again, please let me know.

Found via Classic Television Showbiz.

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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: A Modern Spiritual on the Lawrence Welk Show

When we can, we try to give you something to kick your week off with a nice, hearty WTF.

I know the title of this post is a bit odd, but you're just going to have to see for yourself. Just...trust me.

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Marsha and Teller

I don't know what's best about this clip of Penn and Teller on Letterman: the brilliance of Teller, the reactions of Marsha to this trick, or the fact that their intro music is Tool's "Schism."

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Found via VideoSift.

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Update on the WGA Strike: Countdown to Rerunsville

WGA logo

For those who read Tuffley's guide to the strike and wanted to know quite specifically where their favorite television shows stand and how many episodes there are left until they shut down completely, Brent Evans has provided a show-by-show, blow-by-blow guide that will help you out.

Thanks to Ken for the headsup.

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Channel 4 Going 20 Minutes Into the Retro-Future

Around here, we dig Matt Frewer. So anything that gets him a paycheck, we're good with. It's a bonus when the thing in question is a rather amusing return to Max Headroom to warn viewers in the UK that Channel 4 (where Headroom got his start) is going all-digital. Nicely done.

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Pointed out by ScottC.

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Me, Myself and Mr. Microphone

This is a long distance dedication to all of you young bastards who never understood why I would say "Hey good lookin', we'll be back to pick you up later!" into random microphones.

And let's cogitate upon that for the briefest of moments. You are "good lookin'" but not good enough to actually stop the vehicle and pick the "you" in question up immediately. You are "good lookin'" enough for later, however. And is the "you" in question supposed to simply wait there--and if so, for how long?

Or perhaps the car simply has no brakes. We may never know.

If anyone asks me what a "long distance dedication" is, there will be death.

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Found via Check the Cool Wax.

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Bob and Doug's Two-Four Anniversary

I had no idea this had happened until Ken just sent me this, but that figures: it was broadcast this year in Canada, it's now available on DVD in Canada and I myself am not in Canada. So.

Come on, our friends to the North. Bob and Doug are an international treasure that must be shared. Do a complete Region 1 release at least. I mean, seriously.

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