Widge Goes Off #6: Tattoo Piracy

Ed Helms and the illegal tattoo!

So I thought about something while reading up on The Hangover Part II and their tattoo lawsuit shenanigans. That led me down a path of body modification, piracy, and more fun with litigation. Enjoy.
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Widge Goes Off #5: A Road Trip to Missouri

Widge vs. Missouri

Last year we took a road trip to Missouri in an attempt to put together footage for a History Channel pilot. The series would have been me going around the country and explaining the fascinating true stories behind many interesting landmarks. Alas, they turned me down. But never one to waste footage, I wanted to share some snippets of what we filmed with you. Enjoy.
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Widge Goes Off #4: Eyes and the Apocalypse

Burgess Meredith in The Twilight Zone

So I thought about something while putting in my contacts the other day. Somebody on the YouTube comments asked what I think about when I'm brushing my teeth. It's obvious: dairy futures. Enjoy.
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Widge Goes Off on... Dog Accessories

Widge vs. Dog Accessories

So while testing out the mounting arm for my camera I realized I meant to say something on the subject of dogs and dog accessories. Some observations, some complaints and a call to stop reminding dogs they have no thumbs--they know.
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Widge Goes Off... on Doing Things

Keep Moving

So after finally successfully completing the marathon that is Red Nose Net my brain was filled with thoughts. Which for me, as you know, is painful. So I had to let them out. It morphed into a ramble regarding what we're capable of doing and why and what we should do next...
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Widge Goes Off... On Yogurt Hoarding

Yogurt Hoarding

So the other night I was sitting in my car and I had to get something off my chest. I'm not sure what it turned into, but it has to do with conservation vs. hoarding, morals, and yogurt. But mostly to do with yogurt.
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