I know, you're thinking: South Park, Lone Gunmen, Hardy Boys...now Newhart? Don't you guys have any consistency?

And the simple answer is: no. We're not funded for it.

Fox Home Video wants you to win DVD copies of the complete first season of The Bob Newhart Show. Not Newhart, okay? Um...how to explain this to you kids. Got it: it's the prequel to Newhart! There you go. Five copies are ready for an equal number of people to own. How do you accomplish this task?

Well, you fill out the form below and submit it. That's it. If it was any easier, it would...um, be a lot harder on our end to set up. We'll draw five names when it's all said and done--and they win a copy each. Rock.

Some ground rules apply, though:

Contest Closed! For available contests, click here.